7 Tips For Staying In Touch With A Long Distance Friend

When I went away to college, I only went with a handful of people from my high school even though I was only a few hours away. I was fortunate enough to meet so many great people both in and out of my sorority that became my best friends. That’s why graduating was so difficult! I had to leave everyone I loved and relied on for four years. I went to New York and my friends all moved to different states, and we realized that staying close was really hard. But it can be done!

Long distance relationships in the romantic sense are tough, and being in a long distance friendship is difficult too. It’s almost more difficult because there’s not really an obligation to call your BFF who lives states away, you know? Just because you’re far away though doesn’t mean your friendship will end. Over the years, I’ve learned some great tips for keeping in touch with my long distance BFFs:

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