40 Things Only A True ’90s Girl Loves About Leonardo Dicaprio

Today is Leonardo Dicaprio’s 40th birthday, and since he is one of my original celebrity-crushes-to-end-all-crushes, I couldn’t just let this day go by like it’s any other Tuesday. IT’S NOT. Forty years ago, a beautiful specimen of a human being was born and named after Leonardo da Vinci, probably because his parents knew that Leo, too, would be a masterpiece in real life. I know 40 sounds super old, and I know that Leo is now sporting a weird man-bun/beard type of thing, and I know it’s shady that he only dates girls who could be his daughters (but I’m convinced this is because the one true love of his life, Kate Winslet, won’t be with him), and I know that he’s never won an Oscar, but I DON’T CARE. He cares about animals, he makes amazing movies, he’s trying to save the world, and he’s a spectacular dancer. He is the best. 

Leo was just as wonderful when he was a kid and a teenager, back in the ’90s and early 2000’s when we watched him in shows like Growing Pains and movies like Romeo & Juliet, Titanic and Catch Me If You Can. With his blonde hair, blue eyes, and charming grin, it was impossible not to fall in love. To celebrate Leo’s birthday, here are 40 things only a true ’90s girl loves about Leonardo Dicaprio: 

1. When he shared inspirational quotes with us while wearing a tuxedo: 

leo titanic 10

2. When he took a picture with a giant pair of lips that said “kiss me” and we were all like YES PLEASE WE WILL KISS YOU.


3. When his hair was really messy and kind of greasy but he was still cute anyway. 


4. When he was really mad at Rose but also couldn’t stop kissing her and we wished for that kind of love. 

leo titanic 11

5. When he posed for pictures in gigantic sweaters.


6. When this perfect picture came out of Romeo + Juliet.


7. When he made an appearance in The Parent Trap, and we were like, “same.”

parent trap

8. When he danced with Rose like they were the only two people in a crowded room. 

leo titanic 7

9. When he posed for Tiger Beat photos like this one so we could hang them on our bedroom walls. 


10. When he looked like he could be a member of a boy band, but in a good way.


11. When he made this face and we were like OMG ADKJLSKDJFLSKDJFLKSJDF


12. When he cuddled with this teddy bear the way we wanted him to cuddle with us. 


13. When he was in this old Bubble Yum commercial. 

bubble yum

14. When he gave an amazing performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

whats eating gilbert grape

15. When he started taking his clothes off to jump in after Rose and we were like UNNF.

leo titanic gif

16. When he looked inexplicably sexy smoking a cigarette even though cigarettes are gross.


17. When he kissed Rose like this and we dreamed about it. 

leo titanic

18. When we saw this weird/awkward photo from Titanic and never wanted to be in an elevator so badly.


19. When he kissed Claire Danes in this pool and swimming was never the same again.

leo romeo and juliet 3

20. When he made backwards hats look cool. 

leo growing pains

21. When his hair swooped into his eyes like this. 

leo romeo and juliet 2

22. When he parted his hair in the middle like this and it still looked perfect.


23. When he slicked his hair back and invited us to a real party. 

leo titanic 8

24. When this book came out and we all bought it so we could find out everything about Leo ever. 


25. Whenever he smiled.


26. When he first saw Rose and made this face and we imagined him looking at us this way.

leo titanic 6

27. When he posed with this swan because obviously.

leo swan

28. When he defied the stars so emotionally.

leo defy stars

29. When he had spiky hair for a minute and was the only person to make it look good.

leo spiky hair

30. When he spoke the truth and we were like, “you’re so wise.” 

leo sad

31. When he said this in Romeo + Juliet and we imagined him saying it to us.

leo romeo and juliet 4

32. When he thought he was the king of the world.

leo titanic 5

33. When he rubbed noses with Claire Danes and we exploded with jealousy.

leo romeo and juliet 1

34. Whenever Kate and Leo talk about how much they love each other during awards shows, and we get Titanic flashbacks. 

leo kate winslet

35. When he made this face and you wanted to be silly with him. 

leo face

36. When you remember he’s been BFFs with Tobey Maguire since forever and that it’s the cutest thing. 


37. When he refused to let go of Rose, but let go of himself. SOBBING. 

leo titanic 2

38. When he said this in Catch Me If You Can and we were like PLEASE YES PLEASE.

leo cmiyc

39. When he reenacted this moment on Saturday Night Live with Jonah Hill and you felt like a kid again.

leo snl

40. And when he said serious things with his serious face and just made you want to cry from beautifulness. 

leo titanic 4


Are you a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio? Which of his movies is your favorite? Who was your ’90s celebrity crush? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Noemi

    Even when i was born in 2003 i’m a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. My favourite movies are The Basketball Diaries, Romeo+Juliet and The Great Gatsby. I think he looks still perfect. Even when he is 42 now. (But he is too old for me.?)
    And I understand everithyng what all the ’90s girls understand. HE IS SIMPLY THE BEST. ❤❤❤