Would You Rather: ’90s Boy Band Memebers

Photo source:http://nsync-fans.com/discography.htm

Photo source:http://nsync-fans.com/discography.htm

I’m a ‘90s girl at heart. I grew up in the heart of the boy band craze that swept the world. If you were a girl older than the age of seven, you had at least three favorite bands and 15 of their pictures hanging in your room. I can’t being to tell you guys the amount of cassettes (yes, cassettes) and CDs that I had of my favorite bands. These boys were loved by millions and it wasn’t just based on their talent either. These boys were so dreamy that without their knowledge they were married to hundreds of girls who they never met.

Yes, the 90’s boy band craze was a part of history. I know it’s a time that I will never forget and it has set the stage of how girls act today. It’s time to play this weeks round of would you rather: ’90s boy band members. I know, you’re pulling your old copies of J-14 out as we speak.


Backstreet Boys

98 Degrees



Another Level




Who was your favorite 90’s boy band member? Do you remeber all of your favorite songs? Let us know in the comments below! 

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