20 Of Our Best Posts About Orgasms To Answer All Your Questions

Ah, orgasms. How can something so popular and wonderful be so complicated at the same time? For dudes, orgasms come pretty easily – they can just touch themselves down there for a bit, and voila! They’re done. But for girls, it’s not quite as simple. For some ladies, achieving an orgasm can be a difficult task. Some girls can’t climax during sex, and some girls can’t even figure our how to climax at all.

We’ve gotten every question you can possibly get about The Big O. I’m not making fun of anyone, because I know how hard female orgasms can be, and I totally understand that there is a lack of information out there. Want to know everything from how to orgasm to how to know if he fakes it? Here are 20 of our best posts about orgasms that will answer all of your questions.


Orgasm Facts

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10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Orgasms

12 Studies About Female Orgasms That Just Might Improve Your Sex Life

Are Vaginal Orgasms Real? And How Do You Have One?

8 Myths About Orgasms That Are Definitely Not True

10 Crazy, Interesting Facts About Orgasms

How Do You Know If You’ve Had An Orgasm?

WTF Is Squirting and How Does It Happen?

What Is An Orgasm?


Orgasm Issues


Is Something Wrong With You If You’re Not Having An Orgasm?

8 Reasons You’re Not Having An Orgasm

Is It Weird If You’ve Never Had An Orgasm During Sex?

Are Your Birth Control Pills Giving You Pain During Orgasms?

Does Using A Vibrator Make It Harder To Orgasm During Sex?

8 Tips On How To Have An Orgasm


Dudes and Orgasms

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How Do You Know If A Guy Is Faking An Orgasm?

How To Tell Him You Didn’t Have An Orgasm

Ask A Guy: Why Do Guys Go Soft After Climaxing Once?


To Fake It or Not To Fake It?

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Here’s How Guys Know When You’re Faking An Orgasm

7 Reasons You Should Never Fake An Orgasm

Ask A Guy: Should You Tell Your Boyfriend You’ve Been Faking Orgasms?


Which of these orgasm posts is your favorite? What is your orgasm question that we didn’t answer? Tell me in the comments!

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