Here’s What It’s Like To Do Karaoke With Ryan Cabrera


Ryan and myself!

Last night, I had what was basically a life-changing experience: I spent the night doing karaoke with Ryan Cabrera. Yes, the Ryan Cabrera you’re thinking of who won you over in 2005 with his song “On The Way Down.” Yes, the Ryan Cabrera you’re thinking of who dated ’00 It Girls like Ashlee Simpson and Audrina Patridge. And yes, in case you didn’t realize, it was amazing.

Here’s what went down: myself, Candice, editors Kaitlin and Ally, editors Jenni and Alexis, and editor Sam, along with our boss, went to a karaoke place in New York City to spend a very chill evening with Ryan and a few of his friends. Ryan is releasing a new EP right now, and since he’s obviously a professional singer and seems like a lot of fun, it only made sense to see what he was really made of in a karaoke room!

To be honest, I was a little unsure of how the night was going to go, only based off of my past experiences with celebrities. I’ve interviewed and spent time around a decent amount of celebs, and a lot of them are nice, but also very guarded (and then there are the ones who aren’t nice, but we won’t get into that right now). They don’t really let their walls down around people they don’t know, especially around people from the media, like a group of editors. This is understandable, given how they’re constantly under public scrutiny, but still.

This all brings me to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Ryan Cabrera last night. Guys, he was awesome. He was so much fun, he was just down to have a good time, and he was such a good sport. He sang a bunch of songs with his friends and with us, he gave us two amazing acoustic performances, and he took so many pictures with us. Overall, he was the most fun celeb I’ve ever met. I went into karaoke skeptical, and came out a huge Ryan Cabrera fan.

Of course, I had to share this moment with everyone else who fangirled over Ryan when he released his album Take It All Away. Want to know what karaoke with Ryan is like? Here’s a little bit of our experience. Sorry in advance about how dark these videos are – I did the best I could with the lighting I had to work with!

First, we all did karaoke together. Obviously. Check out this video of Ryan and two of his friends singing “Hold On” together, which is really adorable. 

Next, Ryan sang us an acoustic version of his new single, “House On Fire.” This video is a sneak peek at the song, which is really catchy and reminds me a lot of his first CD. 

Then Ryan played “On The Way Down” for us, which was amazing and I basically felt like I was back in high school listening to it. 

Okay, now this is important: here is Ryan Cabrera doing a cat impression with me. A CAT. I almost cried. We’re basically besties now.

ryan cabrera and jessica booth

And here is just one of the selfies we took with Ryan, who was totally cool about us acting like crazed fans with iPhones. 


We finished off the night with a group shot. 


And that’s pretty much it! Basically, we had the best night ever with Ryan, and I think you should all look out for his new music – it’s going to be pretty great.

Are you a fan of Ryan Cabrera? Which celebrity would you love to do karaoke with? Tell me in the comments!

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