Reader Hookup Confession: I Spit In His Face At The Movies

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession and then send your own to

Okay so truthfully, I’ve never hooked up with a guy before (which I’m pretty embarrassed about). Anyway. One night, my friends and I went to the movies, you know a girl’s night out. Except I didn’t know that they were inviting boys to come too. They could have given me a heads up before I arrived in little shorts and a tank top. The guys were looking at me as if I was unrecognizable, which was so annoying because I have most of my classes with them.

Once we were inside the movies, this kid Jimmy decided that he was going to sit next to me. The whole time we were watching the movie, he was trying to make conversation with me. I really wanted to watch the movie but I also didn’t want to be rude, so I played along and engaged the conversation. But then while I was in the middle of talking to me, he leaned in close and attempted to plant a wet one right on my mouth… literally wet.

There was so much saliva that I accidentally spit in his face and said, “ewww.” I got up to walk, no run, away, and while I did that I spilled a drink all over myself. He offered to clean it up, but I didn’t want him touching my legs. I went to the bathroom to dry myself off. When I returned to apologize for my outburst, I found him making out with my friend. After that, I called my mom to pick me up because I wasn’t having any fun. Not only was it embarrassing for him, it was also embarrassing for me. I had to explain to people that I didn’t pee on myself AND I didn’t even get to watch the movie. UGH.

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