10 Weird Yahoo Answers Questions About Lube

Lube is pretty damn helpful in sexy situations. Yeah, let’s not beat around the bush about this (no pun intended) and just acknowledge this lovely little fact. Chaffing happens and, honestly, sometimes people with vaginas can’t as stimulated down there as they’d like. That’s why lube exists, folks. Take it or leave it.

Unfortunately, some people are so desperate for assistance down there that they will use anything as a replacement for lube. Fun fact: If you need lube, get some real lube, not household replacements. Nobody had the guts to say that to these 10 people who took to Yahoo Answers to find out if that packet of soy sauce or toothpaste could work as lube. Yikes.


1) For a minty clean…penis.

yahoo answers lube lubricant 11

teeth clean



2) Just say no.

yahoo answers lube lubricant 9



3) Lube, now with extra cholesterol! 

yahoo answers lube lubricant 6

bacon roses


4) Fun for all ages!

yahoo answers lube lubricant 10

steve buscemi 30 rock fellow kids


5) Do you want an infection?

yahoo answers lube lubricant 12

that 70s show whipped cream


6) This has to be a troll.

yahoo answers lube lubricant 5

you stop that velma scooby doo


7) Desperate times call for toxic measures.

yahoo answers lube lubricant 8

squidward no painting


8) …Unhealthy is an understatement.

yahoo answers lube lubricant 7

zoolander gas fight


9) Your bedroom isn’t a cocktail bar.

yahoo answers lube lubricant 4


naomi campbell side eye


10) Sounds…savory.

yahoo answers lube lubricant 2

ramen anime eating

What’s the weirdest thing you can imagine using as lube? Have you ever used a household item as lube? Tell us in the comments!

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    What is the gif from #10 from? Just curious…