Is Your Relationship With Your Ex Healthy?

breakupBreakups can be tough. There are ones that end nicely, with both sides deciding that they are better off as friends. And then there are some that end really badly and both sides have some serious issues. I’ve known friends who have had both of these types of breakups. Some exes we hang out with and both sides are completely fine. Then there are the exes that we never bring up and refuse to acknowledge.

Where your ex-relationship lies on the scale can really affect your future relationships. If you’re too friendly with your ex, a current BF/GF may become jealous or think that there are leftover feelings. On the other hand, if you are constantly at each other’s throats, it’s a sign that you both cannot move on from the past. Take our quiz to see if your relationship with your ex is healthy. 

What did you score? How have you managed to either stay friends or cut an ex out of your life for good? Lets chat about it in the comments below! 

Ask A Guy: Should I Stay Friends With My Ex-Boyfriend If I Still Like Him?

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