10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Do With Just Makeup

Ahhh! You guys! Halloween is on Friday, which means we only have two days to get our costumes figured out. If you’ve already decided on your costume, congratulations, you’re not a procrastinator! I’m all set with mine, although in hindsight, I sort of wish I went with something else. I can use my other idea next year so not all is lost. If you’re still not sure on a costume, you can make something great at the last minute!

Sure, you could go buy some cheapo costume that you’ll only wear once at a party store. OR you could do something unique with a t-shirt or a little black dress. If you’re truly strapped for time, there are plenty of costumes you can make by just using makeup. Don’t believe me? Check out these costume options:

What are you going to be for Halloween? Are you going to use any of these makeup ideas? Tell us in the comments!
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If you have a mermaid tail, you can use this makeup tutorial

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