5 Awesome Fashion & Beauty Jobs Only Science Buffs Can Get

tech-girlHave you ever wondered how your beauty products are developed? Or about the different fabrics that are hanging in your closet? Would you believe me if I told you that all beauty products and fabrics are created by scientists? I know, crazy right? But, it’s true. We wouldn’t have any of these things without super cool women working in labs all over the world. If you’ve ever thought about a career in fashion or beauty you need to get into science! Here are five awesome jobs you didn’t know you could have in the fashion and beauty industry if you love science.  

1. Cosmetic Chemist – Someone has to be behind matching hundreds of foundations to all of the different skin tones all over the world and the face washes we use to remove a days worth of dirt and grime. Cosmetic chemists create all the innovative beauty products that give women and girls more confidence in their daily lives. You could be the woman who invents a new way to deal with zits or get rid of chapped lips for good. How’s that for a cool job?

2. Magical Make-up Innovator – Have you ever heard of Grace Choi? If not, you need to look her up. She’s the genius behind using her 3-D printer to take any color that a computer can recognize, and craft it into any form of makeup. Anyone can use this machine to print their very own customized products. I need one of those in my house ASAP! You could be the next inventor to blow people’s minds in the cosmetics world.

3. Hair Product Extraordinaire – I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t leave my house without my favorite hair products shielding my locks from the crazy outdoor weather. I mean, whoever came up with the flat iron and a non-frizzing serum I owe my life to. For example, Ivana Rashid, a senior scientist in L’Oreal’s Hair Instrumental Evaluation department, is responsible for experimenting with different hair products to give you the look that you want. Anything from beachy waves to super soft curls and everything in-between, she’s the one who creates the formulas that end up in our bathrooms.

4. High-tech Fashion Designer – Did you know that natural fibers, like cotton and wool, are incorporated with synthetic fibers, like rayon and nylon, to produce all the clothes that you wear? All of the tiers of the fashion industry, from high-end to commercial brands, need amazing engineers to develop new and exciting fibers to make clothing out of. How cool would it be if you invented a fabric that could fix itself if there is a hole or a burn?

5. Expert Perfumer – I’m a huge fan of perfume. I think having a few signature scents that scream who you are is important for every girl to have. You could be the person to create new and different smells that women all over the world will fall in love with. Scents are such an important aspect of our lives, and a job where you can bring happiness to someone with just a whiff sounds amazing to me!

All of these jobs are performed by women all over who were interested in science at a young age. Want to learn more about awesome careers you can get if you study science? Then check out DoSomething.org‘s and 3M’s Science Sleuth campaign! They’re raising money and awareness to help girls reach their dream jobs like the ones above and so many more. They have created a fun texting game that you can play for a chance to win $10,000 in scholarships to help further your dream jobs and careers. Text CLUE to 38383 to get started today!

Are you interested in math and science classes? Do you think that you could have a cool career like a scientist or an engineer? Let us know in the comments below! 

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