10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kaitlyn Dever

I always love when I meet young stars who are just normal. They have no entourage, no weird photo requests and are really easy to talk to. All of these things describe up and coming actress Kaitlyn Dever. You may recognize her from her prim and proper character opposite Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher, but Kaitlyn has been acting for years, and 2014 is has been a crazy and exciting for her. She starred in this fall’s Men, Women and Children (in theaters now) with Ansel Elgort and Jennifer Gardner, and also is in Laggies with Chloe Moretz and Keira Knightley (in theaters October 24th). Laggies is a movie about friendship, having fun, and finding out who you are.

Kaitlyn and I sat down to talk everything from behind the scenes funny moments with Ansel, to what she thinks is the most important quality in a best friend and why she thinks having strict parents is actually a good thing. Read on to learn 10 things you never knew about Kaitlyn Dever. 

She Loved Hanging Out With Ansel Elgort

"I remember after work we would just drive and go Go-Karting. But we were just so spontaneous. I miss him so much! I want to do another film with him."

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She Likes to Play The Good And Bad Girl

"I loved playing the perfect straight-A student in Bad Teacher. There is something so fun about always thinking about how my books were always perfectly straight and my collar was buttoned up all the way. But I also loved doing Laggies. I loved doing the darker rolls. I will say that Misty was really fun to play. I just went for it with her."

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She Wants All Girls To Love Themselves

"I think you have to love yourself. I see it all the time, girls trying to change themselves, or they don't like the way that they look. And I just really stress that you have to love yourself and not change yourself because you are you, and that's awesome."

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She Has Really Trusting Parents

"My parents aren't too strict. I have the coolest parents. My dad will come in and say to us, "Put down your iPads" or something like that. But they have really never given me strict rules. But my parents have always been just awesome about that kind of stuff because they trust me."

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She's Really Close With Chloe Moretz

"I just remember one time we were filming in a car and our car crashes into a mailbox and they people on set told us, "Alright, so the car is going to crash abruptly, and it's going to be a stop but were were being pulled by a trailer so the car wasn't actually driving, so they could film it. They stopped the car but it comes to a really slow stop and we (me and Chloe) just looked at each other and starting dying laughing we couldn't keep it together. And we've become really good friends I mean we talk a lot but shes's busy and we're both so working. It was nice too because we have the same similarities where we're both in the business that's always nice because we both always have something new to talk about."

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She's Not Into High School Parties

"I'm not a partier. I don't go to cool high school parties. I think maybe I've been to one and it was not what I thought it was going to be. It was not that fun. I think a party that I would find fun is watching a bunch of movies with my girlfriends and just sleeping over."

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Her Style Inspirations Come From Two Very Different Worlds.

"In terms of fashion icons, for me, would be Audrey Hepburn and Kristin Stewart. I will dress like [Audrey] sometimes with a Peter Pan Collar and flats. And I like Kristen Stewart because her style is a little more edgy and she wears the most amazing gowns. But I love that she can just wear a band t-shirt and converse and look great in that too. I do both the more mod and then kind of edgy. My favorite color is black because it goes with everything."

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Her Advice If You Have Strict Parents Is...

"It's definitely not a bad thing to have strict parents. It's out of so much love. They don't want you to get hurt and they don't want anything bad to happen to you. Always remember that."

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Filming Men, Women, and Children Was One Of The Highlights Of Her Teenage Years

"I felt like we were at summer camp. We were all just teenagers staying in this hotel. I feel like it's going to be something that I remember for the rest of my life. Iit was such a prominent time in my life, being 16 and just having so much fun."

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She Thinks The Best Quality In A Friend Is.

"Someone who is honest. And for some reason, I've always had a problem with that. A lot of my friends would lie and I really don't like lying. I don't think anyone does. But also someone that you can count on. Someone that you can call at any point and they will be there for you.

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Have you seen Kaitlyn in any movies? What do you think the most important quality in a best friend is? Let us know in the comments below! 

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