10 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Lights

If you haven’t allowed your ears to hear the awesome songs that Canadian singer Lights  has been cranking out for the last eight years, then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Seriously, her mix of electro/pop songs are instant sing-along anthems. Lights has just released her third studio album, Little Machines, and you need to check it out because I know you will be playing it on repeat for months to come.

I got a chance to sit down and talk chat with her at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square before she went on stage for a very important performance. Lights is the 2014 Pinktober Ambassador, which helps raise money for breast cancer awareness in young women. Did you know that breast cancer affects over 25,000 women, in the U.S., under the age of 25, each year? Scary I know. But, with the help of campaigns like Pinktober we can help fight this disease and make a change for women all over. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Lights. And if you’re interested in ways to donate and help the cause visit the official Pinktober website here

She Cut Her Hair To Impress A Boy

"The earliest memory I have of trying to impress a guy was when I was eight. He was coming over with his family and I remember running upstairs to cut my bangs off because I thought that I was primping myself up for him. They were awful! They were crooked and short and it was horrible!"

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Music Got Her Over A Tough Breakup

"In high school, there was only one guy to ever break my heart that I can recall. And I really liked him and I was really upset that I couldn't get him back. So, I changed myself. I tried to get into the music that he liked and I was searching for something that would make me cooler, so that I could impress him. And through the process, I found things that I really loved that I started to identify with. I started to find the music that I liked and it kind of pushed me into these things that I had never explored before. I forgot about him and was really confident after that."

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Her Most Embarrassing Moment Involved...

"In high school, I left class to go to the bathroom and I walked back into class with toilet paper hanging out of my pants. I was so traumatized."

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Her Husband Won Her Over By Leaving Hidden Messages All Over The Country

"We were on tours that were running really close, but kept missing each other. He would hide this symbol that we came up with through texting at venues that I was going to play two days later for me to find."

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She Believes In Loving Youself Above All Else

"Growing up, I've always had this sense of confidence. Even in my embarrassing moments, I always believed in myself. It doesn't matter if people don't like you. As long as you love yourself people will gravitate towards that. I remember moments of insecurities when I was younger. I had a list of everything that I didn't like about myself. I remember being so disheartened by this list. And then I decided that I was going to make a list of everything that I liked about myself. Over time, all the things about myself that I didn't like one by one disappeared."

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She's The 2014 Pinktober Breast Cancer Ambassador

"It’s a campaign to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. And it's a likely fit because Hard Rock is such a recognizable brand, and I'm all about if there is something that is important and you have a platform, use it. I've had a lot of fans that are dealing with cancer and I meet them and their families and it's heavy and devastating. Everyone is touched by it in one way or another. Anything that anyone can do to help a situation like this is so worth it. I think girls are unaware that it is there and it's very present. It’s really important that we do anything we can to help those who need it."

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She Gives Great Advice If You Want To Enter The Miusic Industry

"Discover yourself as an artist first, before you seek out a record deal. Spend some time writing and figuring out what you're about and what your sound is. If you know that, then you'll have a better chance at getting noticed. Find an artistic vision, then you'll really know if you want to do this. Don't just go out and say, "Oh, I want to be famous, this is what I want my album cover to look like and this is the type of photo-shoot that I want to do." That comes later, music is first."

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Her Third Tour Is Different Because Of The Lights

"We're going to connect fans phones with an app where we can control the lighting and use that as visual interaction."

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Her Dream Collaboratin Tour Would Be With A 1970's Sweddish Pop Group

"Abba! That would be really fun! They have such great songs, great anthems. I'm inspired by their songwriting all the time. There would be lots of dance-a-longs. And it would just be really fun!"

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The Inspiration Behind Her Third Album Was...

"Killer songs from front to back that are like anthems. Sonic-ally, I wanted to do something that captured a good feeling. Kind of like the song "Speeding," which I actually wrote after I got a speeding ticket. I was feeling good and was listening to this really good, cool, electronic music and it made me feel good. And that's what it became about. These really nice moments that kind of pull you out of your life for a few minutes."

Photo source: instagram

Are you a Lights fan? Have you helped any campaigns in the fight against breast cancer this month? Let us know in the comments below! 

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