18 Easy DIY Halloween Accessories Tutorials For The Best Costume Ever

I usually don’t have trouble coming up with a cute Halloween costume – I’m always thinking about Halloween and I love dressing up, so that part is easy. But I almost always end up having trouble finding the right accessories, whether it’s a pair of animal ears or the perfect color tights. Store-brought costume accessories typically look cheap or I can’t justify spending the money on something I’ll only wear once.

So, as with the costume itself, sometimes it’s better to just make them yourself! When you DIY your accessories, they’re guaranteed to be unique – and probably really adorable. Plus, it’s fun! Bring your costume to the next level of amazing with these 18 easy DIY Halloween costume accessory tutorials. Whether you want to be a fox, a cat, a witch, a loofah, a princess or something else, we’ve got you covered:


1. Make the prettiest cat ears ever for a cute cat costume (these are so adorable that you can wear them all year round!)


Source & Tutorial


2. Dorothy is always a popular costume choice. Make your own glittery red “slippers” with some old shoes, glue, and glitter. 


Source & Tutorial


3. Okay, so this is actually an entire costume, but you can’t deny how cute it is. Learn how to make this human-sized loofah yourself! 


Source & Tutorial


4. For some reason, a deer costume seems to be particularly popular this year. Learn how to make your own antlers and ears here (bonus: this site also shows you to do the costume and makeup). 


Source & Tutorial


5. A witch costume is a timeless Halloween classic. Make yours authentic with these amazing homemade witch shoes. 


Source & Tutorial


6. Make some horns, glue them onto a headband and add them to any costume that requires horns! 


Source & Tutorial


7. A bunch of different costumes require a cape. Skip the store and make one yourself: 


Source & Tutorial


8. Need colored tights? Instead of searching for the perfect shade, make them yourself with Kool-Aid! 


Source & Tutorial


9. Dressing up as a fox is an easy and cute costume I may have to steal one year. This fox tail is easy to make on your own: 


Source & Tutorial


10. And make your own matching fox ears! 


Source & Tutorial


11. Cheap wigs often look, well… really cheap. Soften the color of yours so it looks more authentic: 


Source & Tutorial


12. Be a monkey with homemade monkey ears and a tail/belt. 


Source & Tutorial


13. Wear all black and add this DIY spider cape for a creepy, easy costume. 


Source & Tutorial


14. These glittery cat ears are a perfect, fun add-on to any cat costume. 


Source & Tutorial


15. Go as Maleficent with these amazing DIY horns: 


Source & Tutorial


16. Want to be a princess this Halloween? Here’s a cute pip-cleaner crown you can make yourself: 


Source & Tutorial


17. You never want to spend a lot of money on angel wings, because chances are, you’ll only wear them once. Make your own with tissue paper (or coffee filters): 


Source & Tutorial


18. Instead of searching for cheap, colorful boots (where are you going to find those?) for your costume, make your own with duct tape: 


Source & Tutorial


Which of these Halloween costume accessories is your favorite? Which are you going to try? What is your costume for this Halloween? Tell me in the comments!

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