8 Tips On What To Do When You and Your Friend Like The Same Guy

Growing up, I had a crush on one of my guy friends for years. At a certain point, it got embarrassing, and I told everyone I was over it when I wasn’t. This backfired in a major way. In 8th grade, my best friend started to crush on the guy. Even worse? He started crushing on her too. She repeatedly asked me if I was okay with them being together, and even though I wasn’t, I lied. Seeing them together was heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, this sort of situation is really common. It also puts you in a really awkward position. Do you forget about your crush and put your friendship first? Or do you give love a chance and put your BFF on the back burner? Do you ignore everything until it stops? I know how confusing this is, and I totally get that you’re probably freaking out right here. Here are 8 tips on what to do when you and your friend like the same guy. I wish I had this advice back when I was 13!

Have you ever had a crush on the same guy as your friend? What did you do? What did she do? Is it happening right now? Tell me in the comments.

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10 tips on what to do if you like your BFF’s boyfriend

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  • Mya

    The guy I like was on our bus but my bff knew him first and he was kind of a flirt. I always thought he was annoying and he would sit next to me every day on the bus. But I never really liked him like that. A lot of stuff happened between us and the last week of middle school he wasn’t hanging out with our group. We wouldn’t see him for a year because he is in the grade below us but I was walking to my bffs later on the last day of school and he and his best friend that I also knew were walking. His friend gave me a hung and was like I’ll miss you. But my crush ran up to me and jumped on me so I was holding him and that was when I realized I liked him.

    My other friend were always teasing my bff for liking him but she always denied it but I knew she was lying and that’s why didn’t want to like him.
    When we got into high school we would go to the bus stop to see him and we did that for a couple months until something big happened.

    My bffs mom went to the store and told her to watch the food on the stove. My crush had stolen my phone and wouldn’t give it back. But she had to leave to check the food when she walked back to her house he mom pulled in and asked her what she was doing she said talking to me and my crush. He mom saw one of the neighbors was outside and walk down to her house which happened to be right across the street from the bus stop where I was standing. My crush still had my phone so I took his and he started chasing me so I put it down my pants. I turned my head and saw my friends mom so o froze and when I did my crush came up behind me and put his hand down my pants even though I was wearing distressed jeans and he could’ve easily come around to the front of me and grab this phone through one of the holes and at that moment her mom looked at us. I blamed him he blamed me we didn’t talk for two months and then he started snapping me and I realized I still had feelings. Today I told my friend but I was scared I told everyone but her so I could have there opinion and they all said I thought she liked him. I told her today and she finally came clean we have a sleepover later today but we agreed to not let this come between us. I don’t know when my life became a Netflix show.

  • randomgirl

    This year I started liking a guy. This is my first crush so it’s been a confusing time for me. In my group of friends there’s a joke going on that one of my closest friends liked the same guy I did. i always thought it was a joke, but then today they told me that it wasn’t actually a joke. I really like him, but then again I want my friend to be happy. I don’t know who he likes, or if he even likes anyone. I know that my friend has liked him for ages but I have really strong feelings for him. I know i’d back off if he liked someone else, but as I said earlier i don’t know if he does, and im very confused.

  • Isabela

    Today me and my friends were outside just talking to one another then one of my friends kaitlyn said she had a crush on a guy and he turned out to be the same guy that I’ve had a crush on since 5th grade. Kaitlyn says she really likes the guy and we’ll in 6th grade I decided to put my heart aside and try to get over him. I’ve always still had feelings for him but I tried to avoid them. Now that kaitlyn told me she liked him that just made me realize that I never stopped liking him. I never told kaitlyn the truth because I didn’t want to lose her as a friend and I just want her to be happy. The guy’s name is jireh and I’ve never told him how I felt because I wanted him to like me for me not to like me because he felt pity for me if he knows he’s not able to return my feelings. Anyway kaitlyn really likes him and if he likes her all the same then I won’t be interfering anymore because I just want to see them both happy but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop my feelings towards jireh. Please help me!!!!!!??

  • anita

    so today me and my friend had been talking to me at lunch and we were talking to the the guy that had a crush on her and it got weird and she went to the bathroom to go talk to me and she said the she liked the the guy that i like and i left and told the friend that she told me to tell what we were talking about an it made me mad because its the second time that this happend she like the guy that i liked last year and this year to why dose she have to keep one doing this to me

  • Nadine

    So when me and my class went on a Field trip we went on 3 separate vans I sat with my friends in other van and the guy that I like sat in a different one we played a game we had to name 3 names of the guys that we have a crush on in our class my friend named the guy that I also have a crush on when it was my turn I named the guy that I have a crush on I don’t know if my friend made a face when I said his name when we got to our Destination She was with him all the time through out the trip and it hurted me having to see them together and she knows that I have a crush on him too she started to have a Headache I saw him put his arms around her and she did the same thing and when we were leaving she still wasn’t feeling good she wanted to sit with him in the other van so she could lean on him in the van but then she changed her mind and stayed in the van with us and it was quite when we got home I started to have Second thought about her and I shouldn’t because she’s my friend

  • Vania

    So on January I’m a new girl at school, and there’s this guy that already knows me because of my old friend but I just know him by that day. Our class often tease us, at first it’s kinda annoying but sooner I find myself crushing on him. But there’s this girl named Cath (not real name) and she likes him since December, before I’m even in my new school. She’s not that really amazing friend, she kinda sucks as a friend sometimes. She’s not my BFF too.
    So on August 12 he asked me to be his gf, I’m kinda shocked and I obvs don’t know what to do, because at the same time I don’t wan’t my friend to get hurt because just looking at her looking at him you can see that she really like him. He said sorry it’s bullshit and stuff. And because of that I kinda feel sorry for him so I said yes, but don’t make it to public yet. He said okay, and since then were a couple. It’s sad and I’m selfish. I really am. But considering he already said that he doesn’t like her at all, I kinda just want to make everything straight for her, that he doesnt like her and he’s just being kind to her, nothing special. But I don’t have the courage for that. What should I do? Thanks.

  • Samantha

    me and 1of my besties have a crush on the same guy hes rly cute, but the thing is she told me she didn’t lyk him anymore so after a couple of months I kinda started crushing on him for a couple of weeks I told no one then I decided to tell my bestie then she walked off, I also just found out my other bestie is crushing on him aswell!!!!!!!!! I love my besties I don’t want to lose them but I rly lyk the guy and I don’t want to be the one to back down
    What shall I doooo??????