12 Beauty Tips You Never Knew That Will Change Your Life

One thing I love about the Internet is that I hear a new beauty tip almost every day. I am constantly picking up new advice on how to change up my makeup routine, or how to improve my hair. I love trying new things out to find what works for me – and I love sharing these tips with the other women in my life.

Ask Reddit’s Ask Women thread is especially great for getting info on this. I love this thread on beauty tips users wish they had known all their lives. I know what mine is: dry shampoo. I wish I had known about dry shampoo my entire life. It would have saved me so much trouble! I am incredibly grateful for my Blowpro Faux Dry dry shampoo (which is AMAZING), as silly as that may sound.

So, taken from that thread, here are 12 beauty tips you never knew that will change your life… or at least your daily makeup routine.

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