5 Reader Questions About Why You Smell Down There

smellsOkay, let’s get one thing very clear – your vagina is perfect just the way it is. The way it smells, looks and feels is (usually) normal. We all get a little freaked about that area, mostly because you can’t always see what’s going on down there. But we want you to be proud of your vagina, and not worry so much about thinking that you are the only one who is going through an issue. We are all in this together and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

This is especially true when it comes to how you smell down there. We’re not sure when the trend came about to start trying to make women think that their vaginas are supposed to smell like flowers or a fresh summers rain. The truth is, every girl’s vagina smells different to not only herself but to others. This is biological and no sprays or creams are going to change this. So stop trying! Unless you have a serious odor that is strong and really scary you are fine! But we completely understand you concerns, so here are 5 reader’s questions about vagina smells. 


My Boyfriend Says I Smell Weird

I’ve heard not to use unscented soap down there, because the body takes care of itself, but then why does my boyfriend say I smell funny down there? It’s not a strong enough smell to need to see a gynecologist about, but when I get aroused sometimes there is a slightly fishy smell.  He says it doesn’t bother him but the smell can be overpowering. Obviously, I can’t verify this because I can’t fit my mouth down there, so what do I do? – Ignorant Awareness

Hi Ignorant Awareness,

Yes it is true, you shouldn’t be using perfumed soaps and body washes. These can throw off the natural pH balance of your vagina and that can cause it to smell differently or get infected. As far as the “fishy” smell that you say you get when you are aroused, that could mean a number of things. Are you itchy down there? Do you notice more discharge than normal? Is your discharge white and chunky? Does it hurt when you pee? If the answer to any of those things is yes, you could have an infection down there. See a gynecologist to get checked out – they can also recommend prescribed soaps if the issue is really bothering you. If nothing else is going on, just wash the area regularly and use a very mild soap. If your doctor says that everything is fine, try eating more fruits and vegetables and make sure that you are drinking enough water. All can affect the way you smell down there.

I Wash Daily And I Still Smell; What Gives?

So, I’m a virgin and I’ve never had any type of sex, but I recently I’ve been having this funky smell. I went to the doctors to check if I had anything but nothing was wrong. Every time I go to the restroom I smell my underwear to check if I have an odor and most of the time I do! I shower daily and wash myself with Dove bar soap, but then later in the day I get a funky smell again. It’s just really irritating because I want my vagina to smell good and stay fresh all day. Any suggestions on what to do? – Roxy

Hey Roxy,

I’m glad you went to your doctor to make sure that everything is okay from a medical standpoint. When you say that you smell your underwear during the day and that it smells bad, this could not actually mean that you’re having issues with your vagina. It could be sweat! Many women sweat down there without knowing. I would switch to wearing cotton panties that will allow your vagina to breath throughout the day and keep the sweat from getting trapped, which causes the smell. Also, I think you should stop using your soap. This can be a major cause of your issues. Make sure that you are washing with a very mild soap or none at all. If you are a generally hygienic person, then I’m sure your vagina is fine. There is no smell that should come from your vagina that is “good” or “fresh,” your scent is your own.

I Can Smell It But Others Can’t

My problem is that I think my vagina smells while my boyfriend usually says it doesn’t, so I usually don’t worry to much about it. A week ago, after sex, I notice a very strong odor that didn’t even really smell like me. My boyfriend proceeded to tell me two days later that it was still there. He says it’s not there anymore, but I just think he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. I know it’s not an infection or anything. I have had UTI’s in the past and this is not one. We haven’t done anything out of the ordinary and not sure what to do. Any advice? – Brittany

Hi Brittany,

Many of us think that we smell weird, but to others we don’t. This is normal. The smell that you are referring to after sex could be caused by a number of things. It could be the type of condoms that you are using (and I hope that you are, every time you two have sex). If you are not using condoms, this smell could be originating from your boyfriend’s sperm. Your vagina is designed to product bacteria to ward off any infections or other things that could harm it. The same goes for anything that is inserted or left inside, like sperm.  Sperm has a pH balance of its own that can effect the vagina’s balance and cause it to produce more to “clean” itself. This is most likely what you are experiencing with the smell after you have sex. A way to avoid this balance disruption is to not have you boyfriend ejaculate inside of you or make sure that you are using condoms and always using a new condom. If you’re still experiencing issues, head to your doctor to make sure that you are not allergic to latex or anything else that you may be using to cause the smell.

The Invisible Period Myth

So, I’ve never had sex, never had anyone close enough to my lady parts to even tell me if I smelled bad. I just think I smell bad. I wash myself regularly down there, use the special made private part soap and still have some odd smell. I always have regular discharge too. I’ve had it since puberty and it never goes away. I call it “the invisible period.” Anyway, I think I smell and the doctors have never said anything to me, nor said I had any issues. What do I do? I like using vaginal sprays. They make me feel fresh. Is there any other way to feel and smell fresh and not weird? – Bleep

Hey Bleep,

Okay, first off, everyone has a smell down there, even if no one else notices it.  This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t cause any concern. The “special” soap may be what is causing the odor that you are speaking of. Usually, women don’t need any special soaps or sprays to change the scent of their vagina. These scents can actually mess with the natural balance of of your vagina. I would hold off from using these and see if this helps with your smell. Secondly, all women have a constant discharge and as long as it is clear and doesn’t have a strong odor, it is completely normal.  My best advice would be to wear thin panty liners to absorb the discharge if it bothers you. You are completely normal!

I’m Afraid To Talk To My Mom About My Vagina 

I’m 13-years-old and my vagina does not smell nice. It smells like pee and a whole lot of other nasty stuff. My question is what do I do to keep it smelling like myself, whatever I smell like. I also have these bumps around my vagina and I don’t know what to do. They can get kind of big and they itch, hurt, and have puss in them. I don’t know what to do. I always chicken out when I want to talk to my mom about this because it’s so gross and embarrassing please help me!Marisa

Hi Marisa,

Lets start off with the smells that you are talking about. If you think your vagina smells like urine, then that may be caused by not wiping properly when you go to the bathroom. Make sure that you are always wiping front to back. Never the other way around, because this could cause bacteria to get into your vagina and a lot of issues. As long as you are showering daily, your vagina is self cleaning and shouldn’t need more than mild soap to take care of the smells. Lets move on to your bumps. Do you shave your pubic hair? If so, the bumps that you are referring to could be ingrown hair. This occurs when the hair gets trapped under the skin, causing it to get infected, almost like a pimple (which would explain the pus that you are talking about). If you do not shave, then I would head to your doctor and get checked out just to make sure. There could be a number of things that could be causing the bumps and it’s better to rule out the more serious conditions. Lastly, do not be afraid to talk to your mom about any of the issues that you are having! She is there to help guide you through becoming a woman. And trust me all the questions that you have she has probably dealt with at some point and can be a great way to relieve any paranoia that you are having.  Good luck!

Have you ever had any of these situations happen to you? Do you think you smell all the time and don’t know why? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • Jess

    So I recently started seeing one of my best friends, we went out for drinks and food and had a really awesome time together and he invited me back to his house. I was just finished my period actually that day, we were fooling around and he went down on me. When he was finished he went straight to the bathroom, and I could smell something. Now normally I don’t smell at all down there maybe just a natural scent, but when he left the room I took a smell for myself and it smelled really bad, like I’ve never smelled that before. I’ve been checked for infections and STI’s and everything so I know I’m good on that end. Is this normal when you finish your period to have a very strong odor? Would that one time had turned him completely off from seeing me? I want him to know I don’t always smell like that but I’m afraid to tell him I was just on my period and maybe he thinks that’s just an excuse?? Please help

  • Jessica

    I first noticed a dough like smell that I have never had down there, I have had a yeast infection and I know it is not that. I was recently checked for STD’s so I also know it is not that (plus I have been married 3 years), so now I am finding it very difficult to stay fresh on a daily basis. I have no irritation or swelling, does this sound like anything you’ve heard of? I hear smell change can be a sign of pregnancy or ovulation, is this true?

  • Tasia Perry

    I never had sex before in my life and wen I went to use the bathroom ailbit of white stuff came out wen I was peeing is that’s normal

  • Helena Godden Torres

    Spread your labia open when you urinate! Then you won’t have to wipe cause your labia will be out of the way. Who wants pieces of toilet paper crammed up their crack? Besides,wiping front to back is a bad idea anyway cause the urethra faces up and front so you’ll just be cramming bacteria into the urethra. Who doesn’t know this??? A woman’s urethra is way smaller than a mans so our stream is smaller and not so sloppy like a man cause they got big ol cracks.Peeing with lips closed is like holding your thumb over a hose. And guys are the ones who wreak. Semen smells awful so why let semen into your vagina?! Fishy smell is either A. Semen/decaying semen. B. STD
    Annnd,who the hell uses spray in their vaginas?!
    Ouch. Opening your vagina to spray will burn like hell fire lol
    All one needs is soap.
    We are not men. Men stink. They need a masculine hygiene aisle. Ball deodorant spray and cock and ball soap Hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Hi….i need some advise…when i take a bath after about 15 min. I have a bad odor smells like funky trash…i went to the doctor she stated nothing is wrong i need some help!!!

    • This natural trick works! Take one garlic clove from a bulb of garlic, peel the papery part off, cut off the ends. If very fresh, make tiny slits with a knife. Stick it up in your vagina. Your vagina is a pocket, so it won’t get lost up there (as long as you take it out before having sex!). Leave in for a few hours or overnight. Usually it will fall out the next time you pee. If not use your finger to take it out. The garlic smell goes away within an hour and voila, clean smelling! Great maintenance!

  • Jsk

    No duhhhhh

  • vanessa

    Yesterday i nd my boyfriend was kissin…den he strtd touchn mah vagina….nd blood came awt….ahm scared….hav ah bin disvirgined??

  • sara

    my vagine scratch too much i dnt know what to do?