8 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Curls

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my hair. Having curly hair can be a bit of a chore. It often has a mind of its own so you’re never really sure how it’s going to look on any given day. Sometimes you can use too much product, other times not enough. The weather could give you the best or worst hair day ever, depending on on if Mercury is in retrograde or not.

It doesn’t matter if my hair and I are in a fight, hair health is always my first priority. Curly haired girls are seen as low maintenance because we’re often known as wash-and-go types, but making sure your curls look right takes a lot of work. And a lot of care. You have to be nice to your curls! Whatever you do avoid the following mistakes:

Do you have curly hair? Do you make any of these mistakes? What other curly hair tips do you have? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Robin H

    All the beautiful stars of the 30s, 40s, and 50s brushed their curls to get that combo of sleek and fluffy. There is a trend toward not brushing out curls now. I think both ways can look great but also have their challenges. Brushed curls can look like a big fluffy mess if not done right, and the curly girl method can still end up looking like permed 80’s mall hair at times. Trust me, I experience both problems! Curls can be tricky either way. Just don’t tell people that brushing curls is a sin. That’s simply not true.

  • Carolyn Hall

    Brazilian first! If you live in Houston, it’s a must! Limp hair can easily be fixed the next day!

  • no name

    Combing hair can be HARD, and playing with your hair even if it is straight still creates problems. Also my mom would NEVER let me use a t-shirt to dry my hair. Towels are for drying things hon.

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      The material that towels are made of creates friction, and the texture easily snags on curly hair, causing it to pull and break. Cotton t-shirts are well known in the curly hair community as the best solution for drying hair right out of the shower. If you don’t want to use an actual t-shirt, try something like The Curly Tee (http://www.curlytee.com/).

  • Nadia

    This is so true. I am a very curly haired girl and everything you mentioned is spot on.