10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Malarkey From “The Vampire Dairies”

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a HUGE fan of the hit TV show The Vampire Dairies. I’ve binged watched entire seasons in a matter of days and frantically run home to my DVR to watch the latest episodes. Through my crazy fandom, I began to fall in love with many characters, one of my favorites being Enzo. The self-proclaimed bad-boy who is really rough around the edges managed to steal my heart through his witty banter and heartbreaking story line. So you can imagine my amazement when I discovered that the actor, Michael Malarky, is a singer, and a really amazing one at that! Plus, he’s coming out with his first EP!

“Feed The Flames” is being released on October 10th. Michael actually has a huge show in Buckhead, GA on October 11th – you can still grab tickets here. I’ve heard the first song, and when I did, my heart seriously melted. His voice is smooth and soulful, and I found myself slowly swaying to his melodies. I got the chance to chat with Michael as he battled Atlanta traffic about his music, the vibe on the VPD set and a bunch more! Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Michael Malarkey. And don’t forget to download his new album on October 10th!

The Inspration Behind His Song Is...

"The inspiration behind the song and of the whole EP, which is also titled "Feed The Flames," is just about how you have to work hard to keep love a live and keep that flame kindled. A lot of times in relationships we think, "Oh, I found the one person and I'm going to be all set, I've found love," and it's more of an elusive thing. When you do feed the flames (of a relationship) the fire gets too hot and can burn you so there is also that danger aspect."

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He Gives Really Great Relationship Advice

"Sometimes a relationship is just not meant to be. And a lot of people really try to force one and think, "Well, I've been with him for two years," but you can always leave a relationship. And everyone has the strength to deal and to patch themselves up. We all do."

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What He Likes About Performing Live...

"What I like about that vibe is that it's me, I'm on the same level as the crowd, and I'm talking to the audience and it gives them a look into who I am as a person. I'm on The Vampire Dairies, and the personality that they see on the screen is a little abrasive and I'm not that kind of guy really. I mean there's that aspect of me of course, but what they see live is a glimpse into what my outlook is on life and love and relationships is. Because my songs are mostly about those kind of things."

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You Can Expect More Of Him On VPD

"You're going to get a lot of the same old mischievous, anarchy vibe because that's kind of the part that he plays on the show. The devilishness. You're going to see a little more of him because I've been offered the series regular role which is amazing. You will see a lot more of him."

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He Thinks Enzo Isn't Ready For A Relationship

"I don't think that Enzo is ready for a relationship at the moment. I think he's still a little damaged he also has his own stuff going on a lot of the time. And I think theoretically he pisses Caroline off so I don't know how that would work out. But he enjoys her company, and he likes the fact that he can get under her skin. I think there is a little bit of tension there as well, so that's going to be explored a little bit and I think people will look forward to seeing it."

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He Thinks VPD Cast As His Family

"We have a great time! I'm afraid it's extremely cliche, but we are like a family. We're all kind of away from our real homes and are kind of basically on location. So We have no choice but to hang out with each other... I'm joking! We have a fantastic time together and everyone loves their job."

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He Doesn't Like Ice Cream...

"Ugh, I prefer frozen yogurt. I just like the taste better! I love pistachio frozen yogurt."

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His Favorite App Is...

"Instagram. I'm probably a lot more active on Twitter, but that's because I don't really post selfies because I hate them. But I find that I'm more thoughtful on Instagram about the pictures that I take and making them kind of interesting. They're not just pictures of me all the time. I think its a more artist way to express my self."

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He Almost Lit His Hair On Fire To Impress A Girl

"I remember I used to have dread locks, and I remember sticking a few inscents in my hair and lighting them up and walking into class to make this one girl laugh. I just wanted to make the girls laugh, that was my thing. I didn't necessarily want to be with them but I wanted to make them laugh."

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He Thinks Guys Can Be Narcissists

"Girls are dealing with young men who are also obsessed even maybe overly obsessed with their body image. More guys than even are getting cartoon muscles at the gym and tanning and teeth whitening and they are becoming young little obsessive narcissists. And that's not a cross the bored, but I just think that girls should be aware of who these guys are. That they are trying to impress, like are they worth impressing? And half of the time if they really think about it these guys aren't worth impressing."

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Are you a fan of “The Vampire Dairies?” What do you think about Michael’s character Enzo? Have you heard his new song “Feed The Flames?” Let me know in the comments below! 

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