10 Of The Most Effed Up Moments From Grease

Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor or the cheesy songs or the fact that I have a thing for dudes wearing leather jackets, but there’s something about Grease that just never gets old. It’s just fun, you know? And a reminder that there was a time when John Travolta was kind of a babe.

Still, I have eyes and ears, and as much as you can love things that are problematic, it’s worth acknowledging that some things are problematic in the first place. When it comes to Grease, some of the most WTF moments are obvious and carry some serious moral questions, but others are a lot more subtle. So subtle that you probably didn’t even notice until your tenth watch. From date rape jokes to straight up sexual harassment, here’s a roundup of 10 of the most effed up moments that Grease has to offer.

Danny And Peer Pressure

Apparently it's not cool to show genuine affection for girls you really like if you're a T-Bird, so Danny caved to peer pressure and damn near blanked Sandy entirely. What an a-hole. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he learns the error of his ways but how many of us would really take someone back after that stunt?

Trash Talk In Musical Form

Let's loudly sing a song about this weirdo Australian new girl when she is just in the next room she'll never notice. Oh no, she noticed!

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LOL Safe Sex

Remember how Kenickie realized that the condom he bought years and years ago was broken? Remember when Rizzo was like, "eh, eff it" and they started to have sex anyway. Yeah, uh, yeah...don't do that.

Photo Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures

Crater Face's Below The Belt Comeback

Remember when Crater Face hit Kenickie's car just because he could? He said he would pay him back for the hunk of joke, a whole five cents, including Rizzo who was also in the car at the time. Dude, low blow. That ain't right. The definition of "oh snap" right here.

Is This Legal?

So Rydell High was hosting an episode of National Bandstand for their school dance, which is cute, right? Super '50s and '60s, right? Not so cute: The host trying to get up close and personal with Marty. Look, we all have eyes and can see that these characters aren't actually in high school but they're still portraying high school students. That dude was tryna get with, like, a 17-year-old girl or something. Nah.

Photo Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures

Casual Date Rape Joke Ha...Ha?

So right after Rizzo tells Marty that she might be pregnant with some random dude's baby (okay, she meant Kenickie but she didn't tell her that), Marty thinks this is a great moment to let her know that the TV presenter who was creeping on her earlier in the movie tried to put an apserin in her drink. This was said so casually that it's nearly impossible to catch even after several watches. Like...WTF? Casual date rape roofie reference, okay, Grease...

Photo Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures

Rumors Rumors Are No Fun

Marty is the worst friend ever because the second she promised not to tell anyone about Rizzo's potential pregnancy...she tells someone that Rizzo is pregnant. Of course, word gets around in about 20 seconds. Not a good look, Marty.

Photo Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures

Coping A Feel

W-why was Danny so skeevy in this scene. First he tries to cop a feel without Sandy knowing, then he forces himself on her and starts making exaggerated noises as if they're getting hot and heavy...and then sings a sad song as if he's confused as to why Sandy was mad at him? Um, bro...

Photo Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures

Bullying Is Funny

Eugene was bullied mercilessly throughout this movie and we were supposed to laugh along. Gross. Then--then--the one time nerdy ol' Eugene impresses everyone by kicking ass at the pie toss, he has to be the butt of a joke again with a literal pie in his face. Damn, let Eugene live!

Photo Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures

The Worst Lesson Ever

No matter how much you love Grease you have to admit that the ending is so effed up. Sandy decides to change who she is entirely, picking up smoking and a skin tight, all black everything look just so she would be more appealing than ever to her greaser boo, Danny. Of course Sandy looked outta sight but wow, what an awful message this is sending out. Let's not forget that just before this scene Danny was also putting on a more preppy exterior so that he would be more presentable around Sandy which is also, you know, not being himself. But of course, Danny couldn't possibly succumb to Sandy's aesthetic; Sandy had to succub to Danny's. Pfft.

Photo Source: Grease/Paramount Pictures

What other moments in Grease were beyond cringe worthy? What other old movies have some really questionable scenes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jerry

    I DID learn life lessons from Grease. Keep your hair looking awesome, drive a cool car, have badass friends, and you’ll get to sexually harass chicks……valuable teachings, isabella-san…..

  • Jerry

    I think it’s hilarious.

    • marianne

      No, be honest, you think leaving potentially inflammatory responses on the internet is hilarious.

      • Jerry

        Makes me feel accomplished. Offending the SJWs. It’s a responsibility and a daily joy.

      • Jerry

        I don’t think what I said there is inflammatory. I have inflammatory things to say, but I don’t think you’ve read them. I’m not sure you could handle it. And yes, what I do is hilarious. Getting under thin skin is a joy and a pleasure that I engage in at all opportunities. Be happy, you have a purpose. Even if it’s just to entertain me. And rape can be funny. Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd…..see?

        • marianne

          If you think you got under my skin sweetie, you’re sadly mistaken. I mean really, if I recognise that you’re just leaving such comments for inflammatory purposes, why would I be offended? I just pity you for having such an empty life that you need to troll in order to feel any joy.

          • Jerry

            Well thats rather assumptive of you, isnt it? From what youre saying, i can conclude the you believe:
            A. Everyone who posts comments online that dont agree with yours are trolls.
            B. All trolls have empty lives and cannot feel joy without trolling you.

            A bit narcissistic of you, isnt it? Is evetything about you?

          • marianne

            You accuse me of being assumptive, then you post a comment that makes a bunch of assumptions. For example, A. no, and B. I implied you couldn’t feel joy without trolling, not that I had to be the target of said trolling. The irony here is amazing 😀

  • Skelly

    This whole article just SCREAMS “whiner”. :o|

  • isabella

    This movie was so effed up it would have been harder making an article of great lessons you learned from grease

  • Mimi

    Don’t forget the song in the beginning of the movie when Danny is singing to his friends about Sandy and one of his friends asks, “Did she put up a fight?” and then is looking under some girls skirts. Sexual harassment isn’t a joke.

  • Alice

    I have to say I disagree with number three… While you should never have unsafe sex, that’s part of Rizzo’s plot. I take it as a learning curve, a lesson that should be learned. I feel like if it had just been random, without the pregnancy scare, then that would be more worthy of an ‘effed up’ moment.
    I do agree with the ending… Of the movie at least. I’ve never seen the actual musical, but I did do Grease with a musical theatre camp, and I got the impression that the ending of the movie didn’t portray how much Danny changed. I’m pretty sure he changed a lot more in the musical. Of course, changing for a partner is never good, but I feel like this is supposed to be the moment where they both understand each other, and then after the movie is finished is when they go back to their regular selves, but with a better understanding between themselves and with each other’s friends. Again, to me, this is just another learning curve.

    • Mariah

      I agree. I think Rizzo’s plotline was about a learning curve and plus there are girls out there who do have a “Why not?” moment and practice unsafe sex. With Rizzo, it was showing the potential consequences of doing so. I agree that if it didn’t have a pregnancy scare then it would have been more of an ‘effed up moment. Also, I don’t agree with #1, I have to admit that there were times in school where I mistreated a few friends because of peer pressure and just to fit in. So, I wouldn’t necessarily wail on anyone unless they didn’t try to prove they were sorry about it. And the background story line with Eugene, I think that was to be played off more as laughs although I do think it was in fact bullying, but he got a few points when he proved to be a better athletic player then the T-Bird.

      Also to point out was that Grease isn’t meant to be a Disney or Nick film. It was about the more wild, loose and less then moral side of teenagers and, hence, a lot of it is meant to be rather adult. Even my dad told me how when he grew up in that time era, a lot of kids were like that depending on where you lived. Loose morals and a bit of a lack of respect for your body, therefore why Sandy was seen as a prude or geek for being a good girl and her initial clash with Danny who was a popular and a bit wild T-Bird, and why there are meant to be subtle learning curves in the film that you have to look for with some character story lines.

      But in the end of the film, Danny/Sandy loved each other enough to change to be together (Sandy to a chain smoking leather wearing bad girl and Danny going jock) but decided to just simply declare their feelings regardless of peer pressure. I don’t think anyone was changing since my impression was that they went to having a better understanding of one another and each other’s friends. Another learning curve.