Would You Rather: BFF Betrayals

good-friendMy best friends are really important to me. I’m an only child, so my friends were all I had growing up. Needless to say, I don’t know where I would be without their constant love and support. And while we may not always agree on everything, and get on each others nerves sometimes, I know that they’ll always be there when I need them, and that means the world to me. However, I’ve had many friendships end because of the hurtful things that my “friends” have done.

Maybe it’s a fault of mine, but I will only be betrayed by a friend once. After the initial line of betrayal is crossed, it takes a lot of effort to get back into my good graces. There are just some things that friends should never, ever, ever do to one another. It takes a lot for me to cut someone who was supposed to be my friend off, but I’ve done it before and have never looked back. I know that many of you have lost friendships for countless things and it always sucks. It’s time to play this weeks round of would you rather BFF betrayals and see which issues you could never forgive a friend for.


Have you ever been betrayed by a “friend”? How did you end the friendship? Do you ever regret the things that you’ve done to former friends? Lets chat about it in the comments below! 

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  • Meagan

    Holy sh*t! How’d she do that?

  • Kaylee Churchill

    put it in a hidden place, in her house. somewhere not SUPER obvious of course, but somewhere she’ll find it. i did that once, and this worked for me.

  • Calion

    I tried to ask out AJ but then he just shoved me over.

  • Zeina

    My best friend left me

  • Cate

    Mine is going to be kind of long but I felt like sharing.

    So here I am, this new kid going to a new school. I was going into the 5th grade and I was terrified that nobody would like me or want to be friends with me because I was terribly shy. Somehow I made a friend and this friend introduced me to whom I used to call my best-friend, let’s call her Ginny. So me and Ginny became the best of friends, we were as close as sisters for 4 years. We would see each other everyday after school and during weekends and we would never pick fights. It was such a great friendship that sometimes even after what happened I still miss her. So on the fourth year, we were now in the 8th grade, Ginny fell for a boy named Henry. Henry was a nice guy and they were pretty good friends. See, this isn’t one of those stories where the best friends get in a fight cause they are both in love with the guy. Truth was, I thought he was kind of weird and ugly. He was sweet but not of my taste, which is a good thing. I encouraged her to ask him out because Ginny and him would be such a cute couple and everyone was sure he liked her back. So, she asked him out and he said… No. She was devastated and a little angry… At me! But we never fought about it because we both knew it wasn’t my fault he didn’t like her back. Time passed and a miracle happened, Henry eventually fell in love with Ginny. I was kind of surprised at first but I was so happy for her and him. But I am not going to lie, I was also a little disappointed because I knew I would start spending less time with her. So that’s exactly what happened. Ginny became dependent of Henry, always wanting to spend time with him. She always dragged me along with them and I felt like a third wheel and I hated it. She had taken me away from my friends and forced me to be friend Henry’s friends. I didn’t like them, they were boring and I missed my old friends. It wasn’t enough taking away my other friends from me though. Ginny ignored me and started talking behind my back. She told everyone stuff like:
    “Cate isn’t herself anymore. She never smiles or laughs, she is depressing.”
    “She is mean.”
    “I don’t like her new attitude.”

    Truth is, she wasn’t her self anymore. Ginny had became the kind of girl me and her hated the most, a B*tch. If a conversation didn’t revolve around her or Henry, she didn’t want to be a part of it. She had changed, she wasn’t nice or sweet or bubbly anymore. She was downright rude,mean and trashy. She didn’t like me anymore even though I stuck with her for so long, even if I sacrificed my friends to be with her. I was so sad, hurt and depressed. I didn’t talk, smile, laugh and I barely ate or slept. I cried every night because I missed her so much and she didn’t even care about me. I was jealous and bitter. I hated myself because I thought I was being selfish, I thought that I needed to be there for her even if she was never there for me. I almost gave up on myself… But I didn’t. I was stronger than that. One day, I decided to leave her group and go talk to my old one. Even if I hadn’t spoken to them in over 6 months they hugged me and told me that they weren’t angry. They told me that they were happy I was back and that they had never really liked Ginny anyways. They saw how sad I was and they are the reason why I smile today. Ginny broke up with her boyfriend, she tried to apologize but I was done with her. I hated her and I still do to this day. She is now the slut of the school, rumor is she has an S.T.D. I am sad she became this way and I still feel like I could’ve done something to stop her from becoming this person but I know it’s not my fault. She made her choices and I wasn’t one of them. When she tried to get me back I was already gone. Too late. So now I am in the 10th grade and I am happy and smiling. My grade 8 year is a year I want to forget, it was so emotionally scarring that I still get very upset when I think about it. The group I talked about, the one that made me smile again, they are still my group. We are all best-friends in that group. Never will they ever do something like that. My best friend today, her name is Emmy. She is the person I have been the closest to in my whole life. She had a best friend who did the same thing to her. We understand eachother and promised to never forget each other over a boy.
    This story shows you just how much people can hurt you but it also shows you just how strong you can be. I got threw it and if you ever go threw something like that, you can do it too.

    Thanking Emmy, Alex, Kimberly and Jill for saving my life.

    P.s I hate you Ginny

  • Syd

    I once had a friend who would help me with my songwriting, and she would sometime write her own lyrics in my two songbooks.My friend ended up leaving our school to get homeschooled. When I got a job i started having to work all weekend and a ton of college stuff was coming up, l had no time to socialize and ironically my phone had broke and i lost all my contacts and my phone was basically breaking on a daily basis leaving me with 3 separate phones that didn’t work and nobody’s numbers. My friend thought i was ignoring her, she ended up telling someone I stole her song books and demanded them back. I felt major offense that she was lying to get other people to pity her, along with her lying about being abused by her parents, everything that came out of her mouth was a lie and i had believed it all. I ended up tearing out my songs from these books and left two or three pages in it that she wrote on and gave them to someone to drop off at her house. Later on her mother ended up sending me a 9 page text telling me how much of an asshole i am and that i was in the wrong for not dropping off the books myself. This ‘friend’ is now the reason that i understand the meaning to “I hate her with every fiber of my being”. I saw her at my prom and I had actually showed off all the weight i lost and the new me that didn’t need her, and most of my friends knew about the situation and helped me out by making me look social and rub that in her face. It felt good to show her that my life had become better without her.

  • Arabella

    A ‘friend’ once pretended to like me for…what, at least a year? And then she stole money from me and emotionally abused me. Me being the nice girl I was I ignored it until I got fed up and ended the relationship. Now I am happy with my new group of friends. 🙂

  • Cassie

    I used to have a close friend who’s nice to everyone and had a lot of friends. I was running for some kind of election thing (I forgot) and she spread rumours about me being bossy and badmouthed me. Then nearly all the girls in my year turned on me and voted for another person my “friend” told them to vote for. At least I still had the boys to vote for me but I didn’t win the election thanks to that b**tch. I never trusted anyone like that ever since. I especially not trust fake bubbly people whos friends with every single girl. I’d rather be friends with guys now. They don’t rumour and they’re way nicer to me.

  • Caitlin Cook

    I went into 5th grade as a new girl and the school goes into 8th grade. 5th and 6th grade went by in a flash. 7th grade was when trouble happened. A new girl came in 7th grade and she got on wrong foot with queen b***h of my clique so she kicked the new girl out. I was friends with the new girl so I chose the new girl over my clique. There was already strain on the clique because one of my friends’ parents was angry at one of the other girl and her parents for showing their daughter this inappropriate book. Then 7th and 8th grade, I was part of my own little clique. Then my so-called friends said let’s go to the one direction movie. I talked to my mom, she was cool with it and I texted my friends what time since we had an half-fay at school. We also were having a get together for the grade at the nearby beefobrady’s and everyone was going to be there by 12:15 and my “friends” said the movie they were going to at 12:30, they are lying b***hes because it makes no sense, they would order their drinks and then they have to leave for the movie so my actual friend and I went to a movie theater and it was emptied. I forgave and forget those b***hes. Now I am free.

    • anne

      u go girl! tell all them b***hes!

  • i stole my friends ring her mother bought for her for her birthday cause at first i wasn’t planning on being her friend cause she was in love with my ex bf than we became really close and i felt so horrible still wish i could return it to her 🙁

  • mayra

    I had a friend betray me so badly that she tried to set me up to get killed. Now that’s a whole new level.