20 Things Only Pretty Little Liars Fans Will Understand

I started watching Pretty Little Liars when it first aired and was immediately hooked. That show roped me in so fast, and I haven’t been able to stop watching. I’ve tried, believe me. I don’t want my Tuesday nights to be ruled by PLL, but here we are. I love this show, even though it makes me so angry because no one knows anything.

Watching PLL is a commitment. You need to be prepared for the unexpected and have the ability to recall information from three seasons ago. It’s not an easy task, but you’re going to keep up with it because you need to know what’s going on. If you’re a PLL fan, you know how I feel:


Like… I don’t even care anymore. Except that I do. A lot.

2. Feeling uncomfortable yet turned on by Ezria.

Ugh… he was her teacher. It’s gross. But they’re so cute. But he stalked her and dated her underage friend.

3. Being devastated when Toby was A.


4. And being devastated when Ezra was A.


5. And being more annoyed that he was writing a book.

WTF. Seriously that was so stupid.

6. Freaking out whenever Marlene King posts something Instagram or Twitter.

Was that a clue? That was totally a clue.

7. Still not being over the fact that they tried to make Ravenswood happen.

Caleb belongs in Rosewood ONLY.

8. Still not being over the fact that Shana was SO USELESS.

This was the worst storyline ever.

9. Being annoyed and jealous at the girls’ outfits.

Why are you wearing 6-inch heels to school? Why?

10. Wondering where all the parents are.

If I were being stalked by a crazed classmate, my parents would have moved us across the country.

11. Wondering why there are so many secrets.

They’re not even good. Like “Oooh Aria, I know your dad is having an affair!” is not blackmail material.

12. Wondering why anyone was friends with Ali ever.

She’s so mean. Why does she have friends?

13. Wondering how A has the capability to text everyone so mysteriously.

What kind of cell phone plan is A working with and how much does it cost?

14. Wondering how Mona was ever allowed out of Radley.

She legit tried to murder people.

15. Being SHOCKED that Mona was killed off.


16. Being utterly lost when it comes to Jason’s storyline.

What’s your deal Jason? Also, why are you so attractive?

17. Wondering where in the fresh hell Lucas keeps disappearing.

Sup sketchy?

18. Wondering where everyone gets money for such elaborate costumes.

Rosewood has, like, five stores. One of them is the most elaborate costume shop on the planet.

19. Freaking out because this thing appears all the time.


20. Trusting NO ONE EVER.

I don’t even trust my friends anymore.
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  • April

    I really, really shouldn’t have read this. I’m still only on season 3 and didn’t know most of this stuff :..( I’m upset. lol

    • Colleen

      Me too! I started watching PLL about a week ago and I’m only on season 2, they should’ve warned people that it would spoil things 🙁

  • Alice

    My friend got me so addicted to this show… I don’t even know why I’m so obsessed with it, but this is definitely true! Can I mention though how annoyed I was when they mentioned Frozen? Did anyone else realize that that is totally impossible? It’s only 2011 (2012?) in the show!

  • Pixie

    Don’t watch the show, but I did read the books when I was 12, and I can see that they really did screw up the show a little, but book-fans can relate to most of this, so yay!

  • bahi

    that is like SO true!