7 Ways To Feel Confident When You Have A Huge Zit

I break out all the time, and I’ve accepted the fact that acne is always going to be something I struggle with. That’s okay. What’s not okay is people making me feel like crap for having acne. This is not something I chose. Despite all the treatment options I use, I struggle with acne and can’t control that.

I’m self-conscious enough as it is without people pointing out my flaws, which is why I got so upset this morning when The Daily Mail posted an entire article about Cara Delevingne having one zit. It was literally titled, “Might be time for a day off! Cara Delevingne tries to hide big pimple after grueling Paris Fashion Week schedule.” The photos of her avoiding the annoying paparazzi were captioned with gems like, “Scruffy: The supermodel looked like she could use a hairbrush and a tad of makeup on her chin.”

God forbid a model, who just had makeup piled on her face at a ton of fashion shows, tries to let her skin breathe. I would feel horrible if someone made an article about me that drew attention to something I was already self-conscious about. When I’m having a bad breakout, I don’t even want to go outside. It’s definitely hard, but here are some ways to feel confident even when you have a huge zit:

Do you ever freak out if you have a big zit? How do you stay confident? Tell us in the comments!
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