10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Interviewing celebrities is starting to become one of my favorite things about working here. It’s so much fun to sit down and ask them off-the-wall questions and get their answers. Whether they’re being serious or super silly, the process is just great. This totally applies to Thomas Brodie-Sangster, of the box-office sensation The Maze Runner (out in theaters now!). You may also recognize Thomas from a small TV series known as Game of Thrones (you know, the amazing show that has totally taken over everything). Sorry, I got a little excited because I’m a huge fan.  He’s also the voice of a character that I grew up LOLing at – Ferb from the hit Disney channel show, Phineas and Ferb. But besides my fan girl love for Thomas’ characters, he’s a super sweet and fun guy to talk to.

I got to sit down with Thomas, and his ~swoon~ British accent over sushi, and pick his brain about being a young actor, his most embarrassing moments and his advice on becoming who you are. Read on to see all of Thomas’s answers and a few off the wall questions. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Thomas Brodie-Sangster. And don’t forget to check out The Maze Runner in theaters now!

He Never Read The Book Before He Got The Part

"No, I didn't know of the book. Then I found out about it and saw it was a book with a big fan following and saw that it was one of three and then did more research and found out that younger cousins of mine had read it and really loved it and it evolved and got bigger. But by that point I had done the audition."

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His Favorite Scene To Film Was...

"I enjoyed seeing where Dylan (O'Brian) and I sat by a log and there's a whole party going on and I kind of explain to him a bit more about what's out there in the maze. And actually it's a nice scene as well because it explains to the audience but without being like a "this is the person that comes and explains everything and what's going on." I really enjoyed it. It was a night shoot and everyone gets a bit silly during night shoots."

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He Wants Fans To Feel This Way After They See The Movie

"The book fans, I want them to be happy and satisfied that we kind of gave a good interpretation of what was going on in their mind when they read it. And captured the essence of the book. Because it (the movie) is different from the book because all films have to be. And hopefully they're not too disappointed with some stuff that's not there and other bits that are there. I just hope that they can appreciate and enjoy the film as much or more than the book."

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Spoiler Alert! Filming Game of Thrones Can Get A Little Cold

"That particular scene took 5 days to shoot. I was happy that my death scene was on par with one of the best scenes of the series. It was great. I mean it was in a cold quarry (river) in Belfast, Ireland and they sprayed it with thousands of pounds of fake snow to make it look a lot bigger, like Iceland or that type of location. It was pretty miserable actually."

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Spoiler Alert Two! What He Thinks Will Happen To His GOT Character

"I mean it's Game of Thrones anything can happen. And I was wondering that when I read the script and it says that he gets stabbed. And I was like, "Oh well, maybe I'm not... It doesn't necessarily mean that I'm dead. Then when she comes over and slits my throat, I was like "Oh, yeah, definitely dead. Then I thought, "Maybe I'll come back as a White Walker?..." No, then I get burned so I'm not coming back as a White. I could come back maybe as like an obi wan Kenobi ghost to Bran in his visions... So maybe, in like season 18 I'll be back."

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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Is...?

"Chocolate. But a good vanilla, I mean a good one is really good. But I'd still say chocolate."

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He Might Be A Bad Boy...

"I mean I ride motor bikes. So coming up on a bike is always a bit cool. Even though I'm not a 'bad boy', turning up with a leather jacket and a bike has a 'bad boy' type of feel. And I am slightly aware of it, but I try not to act like it."

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He Feels Like He Is Ferb

"In general I'm quite a shy person. I mean, I'm sociable but I'm not the loud person at a party. Many people on the cast will say that I keep quite quiet and then I come out and say something that has the whole cast laughing. I don't even intend it to be funny. It's just like a factual thing and it is kind of Ferbie. I mean I am Ferb."

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He Likes Filming Movies Better Than Voice Overs

"Live filming. I mean you know doing something like Phineas and Ferb or something like Thunder Birds, (Thunderbirds Are A Go!, 2015). It's great fun. I do like it. It's an interesting challenge filming, to do a whole performance of everything with emotions and it only come through your voice. But my love is being on a film set. I love everyone else that is involved in making the film and I like that it's a really big collaboration with everyone together."

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He Thinks That We Should Never Stop...

"I don't think we ever stop learning. And I think that if you do stop and think, "Well that's just life, I know everything now." I think that's stupid. I pick up advice all the time, unintentionally. But I think we're constantly evolving and picking up new things and learning new things and I think the most important thing is to keep your sense of self. Have confidence in yourself as a person."

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Are you a fan of any of Thomas’ characters? Have you read any of the books that have been made into movies? Let us know in the comments below! 

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