16 Netflix Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Need For The Best Binge-Watching Experience Ever

I’ve been using Netflix since it was all old-school and still delivered DVDs to your doorstep, so it’s safe to say that I am completely obsessed. Streaming entire TV series and movies is amazing, and something we should all be taking advantage of – and the majority of us are! But while Netflix on it’s own is great, there are some easy ways to make it even better.

If you’re anything like me, then you probably didn’t realize that there are certain things you can do to personalize your Netflix account, make it easier to browse, or make your viewing experience more pleasant. There are keyboard shortcuts to learn, Chrome extensions to download, and a few websites to start reading. Want the best binge-watching experience ever? I mean, you should, considering the fact that Gilmore Girls is now on there (I know what I’m doing this weekend). Here are 16 Netflix hacks, tips and tricks you need to know.

Stop Buffering On Your Computer

Who else can NOT deal when you just get an endless buffering circle while you're in the middle of watching something really good? Well, as it turns out, there's a way to fix it without restarting your browser (like I usually do). According to the Internet, these are the instructions on killing buffering on your computer if you're on a PC: press Shit + Alt + Left Mouse Click. If you're on a Mac, do: Shift + Option + Click. A window called Stream Manager will pop up and from there you can manually select the buffering rate you want.

Stop Buffering On Your TV

Even more frustrating than getting the buffering circle on my computer is getting it on my TV. In order to kill it when it's streaming onto your TV, press this code into your remote or controller: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. This will bring you to a page of general info, where you'll have the option to deactivate. Deactivate, then relaunch the app, and you should be good.

Check Out A Better Queue

A Better Queue is a much more efficient way to browse Netflix. Right now, the way you browse Netflix isn't great - I always feel like I see the same stuff over and over again, and I hate the scrolling option. A Better Queue displays movies by their Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and there are a lot of filtering options.

Use Keyboard Controls To Make Things Easier

A Reddit user shared these keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to control what you're watching. Here they are: Space – Toggle Play/Pause Enter – Toggle Play/Pause PgUp – Play PgDn – Pause F – Full-screen Esc – Exit full-screen Shift+Left arrow – Rewind Shift+Right arrow – Fast Forward Up arrow - Volume Up Down arrow - Volume Down M – Mute toggle

Download The Netflix Enhancer Chrome Extension

If you're trying to find something new to watch and you're interested in the ratings of critics, the Netflix rating system can fall short. The Netflix Enhancer extension shows you both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and makes it possible for you to watch trailers. It's a much better way for you to get more information on what you're about to watch.

Download here

Go On InstantWatcher.com

Another more efficient way to browse your Netflix options is to check out InstantWatcher.com It lets you browse titles based on ratings and get info on what they're about. Even better? It gives you a link you can click to directly let you watch it, instead of making you go into Netflix and search for it.

Watch The Trailers With This Chrome Extension

Reviews are never enough to get me to want to watch a movie or show - I like to watch the trailers. If you feel the same way, download the Chrome extension, Netflix Trailer Adder Button. It adds a button that lets you watch the trailers for any selection on Netflix.

Download here

Look At HackingNetflix.com For Info On New Releases

I have a hard time keeping track of what's new on Netflix and what's expiring, unless it's a really big deal and is talked about everywhere. HackingNetflix.com keeps you up-to-date on what's being added each week so you're always in the know.

Find New Things On Netflix Roulette

If you never know what to watch and you want to find something new, try checking out NetflixRoulette.net Put in a category, actor's name, director's name or a keyword, and it will pick something at random for you to watch. Fun!

Use CanIStreamIt To Find Out Where To Watch Something

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to watch something online, only to spend an hour Google searching it and feeling completely confused. CanIStreamIt.com allows you to type in the name of a TV show or movie, and then gives you a list of sites where it's available to stream. This is SO MUCH EASIER.

Download Flix Chrome Extension

Lifehacker just introduced their Flix Chrome Extension, which seems like something you definitely need to download if you're watching a lot of Netflix. Some things it allows you to do: hide the shows/movies you've already watched or aren't interested in, hide spoiler images and text, and enhances your List to add notes and highlight entries that are expiring soon, among other things. It also makes it so that when you click on a show's poster, it shows you the details of the show instead of automatically playing it - I love that, because I HATE when that happens. This extension covers just about everything and combines some of the other Netflix extensions available, which is really ideal.

Get more info and download instructions here

Learn How To Hide Your History

If you share your account with someone else, or just give your password out every once in a while, then you know that other people can see your history and check out everything you've watched. Maybe you don't want your other buddies to know what you were doing binge-watching an entire season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Just go into viewing activity, and click on the little X to get rid of anything embarrassing.

Make Your Queue More Organized

You can change the way your queue is organized by downloading the Chrome extension Netflix Sort By Rating. It does exactly what it sounds like - sorts your queue by rating.

Download here

Rate Everything You've Seen

You probably don't think about rating the shows or movies you've just watched, or that you've watched previously, but you should. The way you rate things allows Netflix to serve you better and will personalize your account more. You'll see more recommendations of things you actually will want to watch. It takes two seconds to rate, so get to it!

Find Out What's Most Popular On Netflix With This Extension

Want to know what's trending on Netflix? Download the Chrome extension, Popular On Netflix to find out. It will give you a list of titles that have been the most popular in the last 24 hours.

Download here

Get Involved With This Reddit Thread

When it comes to picking things to watch, I like to rely on personal reviews more than critic reviews. I also love the opportunity to talk about it endlessly afterwards. If you're the same way, you'll definitely want to check out this Reddit thread. It features a ton of conversations about everything on Netflix.

Which of these tricks did you find the most helpful? How do you make Netflix better? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!

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