15 Fun and Unique DIY Halloween Couples Costumes Inspired By Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

When I think about Halloween costumes for couples, I think about the cliches that probably pop into all of our minds first: Danny and Sandy from Grease, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Adam and Eve, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse… just to name a few. But a couples costume should be fun and different, and most of all, it should off your own special couple personality. So why not go for something a little more unique?

While trying to think of cute couples costume ideas for my boyfriend and myself, I obviously went onto Pinterest… and stumbled upon hundreds of amazing ideas. Want to find something cute for you and your BF? Or even for you and your BFF? Here are 15 fun and unique DIY Halloween couples costume ideas, inspired by your favorite cartoon characters:

Which of these couples costume ideas is your favorite? Which do you dislike? Are you going to try any? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!

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15 fun and unique DIY Halloween group costume ideas for you and your BFFs

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  • Jackie

    true dat

  • Jackie

    Blues Clues! This seems like it would be very simple

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  • Amber

    I love them all, especially the blues clues one! Idk what people Are talking about this being “sexualized”… It’s cute and not too much at all. Definetly doing this for a party

  • ES

    DeeDee? Since when does DeeDee where a regular dress and heels? WAY WAY OFF.

    • Jessica Booth

      What are you talking about? The only thing that’s off about this outfit is the length of the dress.

  • u need an imagination

    Those all suck.

  • Danny Jackson-Monroe

    How sad that the costume Jenna Marbles and her ex-boyfriend they did from “Blades of Glory” isn’t featured. That’s the most original,unheard of,and cutest couple costume I’ve ever seen!

  • someone.else

    damn my last gf and me did the shaark costume that baljeet and buford had in one of the phineas and ferb episodes 😀

  • Tanner

    Some of these are a bit, sexed up, if you will. Which I find super disturbing. Especially the blues clues one. Why does everything have to be sexualized? What happened to actual cute and creative costumes?

  • Isabelle

    Anyone else think that they kind of look like Cosmo and Wanda?

  • The traveler

    I keep telling my mom that my 2yo brother should go as Calvin for Halloween. She didn’t put him in anything last year, but I’m seeing to it this year that he has a costume.

    • The traveler

      Also, 10 is somewhat disturbing as a couples costume.

      • Eve

        I know…. they are brother and sister..u.u

      • lalo

        So… you are ok with the curious george one?

  • Andrea

    Not very smart to use a picture of Sarah Hyland and her abusive ex-boyfriend for the ‘Recess’ costume photo.