12 Cute Products You Need From Etsy For A Coffee Date

Today is National Coffee Day, the best day ever!!!!! Can you tell I’ve had a lot of caffeine? Great! I’ve been celebrating all day! Coffee is one of my greatest loves. I drink it multiple times a day and will never turn down a chance to go to a coffee shop. That’s why I love coffee dates. Even if the date sucks, I still get coffee so it’s still a win. Also, coffee dates are awesome because they’re not as awkward as having a meal with someone you don’t really know, and you’re in a great setting to have a good conversation.

Coffee dates are typically pretty casual because you’re not going to dress up super fancy to go to a coffee house. You can still be cute when you’re casual. We’re actually the masters of cute-casual here at Gurl. If you’re heading to a coffee date with your crush or boyfriend or girlfriend, you should check out these perfect products:

Ariel Starbucks Tank Top

Stop, how cute is this? Even if you're not big on coffee, this tank is adorable. You can wear it with jeans, shorts, a skirt or even over a dress.

Get it right here from Etsy!

Caffeine Earrings

If you don't want to be 100% upfront about your coffee addiction, try these caffeine molecule earrings. They're actually a great conversation starter because I guarantee your date will be wondering what's hanging from your ears.

Get them right here from Etsy!

Give Me Coffee And No One Gets Hurt Necklace

Tell your date exactly what you want from them with this little note.

Get it right here from Etsy!

Coffee, Animals, Naps T-Shirt

This shirt looks totally cozy and allows you to share some of your favorite things with your date right off the bat.

Get it right here from Etsy!

Coffee Bean Earrings

I love stud earrings because they're simple and still really cute. These have a gold tint that will definitely add a bit of bling to your date.

Get them right here from Etsy!

My Cup Is Always Half Full Necklace

Positivity is a wonderful trait to have! Let your date know how upbeat and positive you are with this pendant.

Get it right here from Etsy!

Coffee & Donut Earrings

OMG these are precious, and I don't even eat donuts. How cute would it be if you wore these and started dating the person you're on a coffee date with and they become the donut to your coffee?! Rom-com status, for sure.

Get them right here from Etsy!

Coffee Bean Necklace

Subtle, but very pretty! I actually just ordered one of these for myself because I love it so much. This is just great for everyday wear.

Get it right here from Etsy!

Coffee Owl Phone Case

I really hate it when people have their phones out on a date, but in this day and age it's almost a given. If you're going to have your phone out, at least give it a cute case!

Get it right here from Etsy!

I Drink Coffee For Your Protection Necklace

Let your date know how important coffee is to your happiness with this little necklace.

Get it right here from Etsy!

Coffee It's Kinda My Thing Sweatshirt

I don't know about y'all, but I'm a sucker for off-the-shoulder tops. This sweatshirt is perfect for a coffee date or any occasion, really.

Get it right here from Etsy!

I Love You A Latte

Keep this little guy on your keys to let your date know that you're full of love to give!

Get it right here from Etsy!

Do you like coffee dates? Which of the products above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!
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