10 TV Characters With The Coolest Bedrooms Ever

I don’t know about you but the way I decorate my bedroom is ridiculously important to me. Just like my personal style, my bedroom has to reflect my personality; you know, favorite bands, favorite celebs, places I’ve visited, other random stuff I think is cool, etc. I have a massive collage in my room of all of these things and I’m absolutely in love with it. From flyers to flower crowns to plastic flamingos to Harry Potter memorabilia, my room is very much, well, my room.

So anyone who appreciates a room that is all their own definitely loves when their favorite characters have cool rooms, too. I mean, come on, who didn’t watch Hey Arnold and think “this is the coolest room of all time”? But Arnold isn’t the only character with some sweet digs. Check out these 10 characters who had dream bedrooms.

Clarissa's Room In 'Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa's room was the bomb. F'real. It looked like a bomb of color and weirdness went off in it. From the licenses plates on the walls to the tacky wallpaper to the rad posters on her wall, it was definitely a room fit for Clarissa and Clarissa only.

Drake And Josh's Room In 'Drake And Josh'

I mean, if you're going to share a room with your step-brother you might as well have the coolest, biggest room around, right? Seriously, this room was the size of a living room, WTF?

Dexters Room In 'Dexter's Laboratory'

...his room was pretty much a massive secret lab. I mean, come on, who can beat that?

Grace's Bedroom In 'Skins'

Not only did Grace have a beautiful princess canopy bed, but she also had all these girly, bohemian blankets and fabrics all over the place. It was like a princess bedroom. Rich girls privileges I guess.

Arnold's Room In 'Hey Arnold'

Who didn't fall in love with Arnold's room as a kid? I mean, his whole set up was totally automated from the click of a remote control. His bed popped out with one button, his sound system of snazzy jazz music turned on with another. Dude was the coolest 4th grader ever.

Blair Waldorf's Room In 'Gossip Girl'

Blair's room is one of those rooms that would make me feel like I can't touch anything...it's like living in a fancy hotel, basically. Hotel and a museum all in one. Beautiful but scary.

Carly's Bedroom In 'iCarly'

...Girl had an entire studio in her bedroom like let's not even discuss how ridiculously awesome that was. It doesn't compute...

Rae's Bedroom In 'My Mad Fat Diary'

For music lovers, Rae's bedroom is like...the holy grail of awesome. Beatles posters, Oasis posters, Pulp posters...it's like a Brit pop wonderland up in there.

Raven's Room In 'That's So Raven'

Okay, even before that random episode where she gets that random bedroom makeover, her room was sweet. She's an aspiring designer so the colors in there were popping. Also, she had one of those fashion design mannequins and always had some crazy design all up on it. Raven was just ahead of her time in the realm of cool, okay?

Trent Lane's Bedroom In 'Daria'

Was Trent's room pretty? LOL, not at all. It was a messy disaster. But wasn't something sort of cool about it in an edgy way? Or maybe I just wanted a cool, monotoned musician as my boyfriend...er...

Okay, what characters did I miss? What’s your room like? Is it super decorated or very low key? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Maria

    Is nobody going to mention Miley’s room in Hannah Montana? That secret closet was the bomb.