10 Pumpkin Spice Products You Need In Your Life Right Now

Since Pumpkin Spice Lattes came back a few weeks ago, I’ve had one almost every day. Pumpkin spice is my favorite specialty flavor. I drink a lot of coffee and never add sugar (just a dash of half and half) because I hate sweet coffee. However, PSLs give me life. Maybe it’s because pumpkin pie is my favorite kind of pie. Or maybe it’s because a PSL tastes like a hug wrapped in holidays. I don’t know, but I am obsessed.

I know people are getting upset with the ridiculousness of the pumpkin spice takeover. I get it. There is no reason why we need pumpkin spice hummus, which sadly is a real thing that exists. Pumpkin spice does not need to go in every food item, okay? But I’m down with all beauty products coming in pumpkin spice! Here are some you should try:

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  • Ann

    By the way, Bodycology also has a pumpkin spice latte-scented lotion, and it smells awesome!