17 Of The Coolest Celebs Who Support #HeForShe

Earlier this week, we talked about Emma Watson’s awesome speech on gender equality and how men need to get more involved in feminism. It’s true because feminism is about gender equality for everyone. We need to stop focusing on the word and start focusing on the issues. She announced the launch of HeForShe, a campaign that aims to get men more involved in the fight for gender equality. The response has been awesome. Men everywhere are sharing their support and using the #HeForShe hashtag online. It’s great!

One of my favorite things about it is that a lot of celebs are behind it, especially male celebs. Now, it’s not shocking that men support feminism, but it’s really nice to see men stepping up and publicly declaring that they support gender equality. Everyone should support gender equality to the point where we no longer need a movement to say we support it. Check out some of the most awesome dudes who support #HeForShe:

Could Tom Hiddelston be any more amazing? I don’t think so.

OMG how cute is Matt Lewis being so supportive? Do you think they still talk?!

Luca Pasqualino from Skins is all about equality!

Simon Pegg gets it.

Author Neil Gaiman totally understands the whole equality is a human right thing.

I want to give Douglas Booth the biggest hug.

Our friend James from The Vamps is amazing!

Russell Crowe!!!! OMG.

Emma’s other Noah costar, Logan Lerman is taking a stand too.

We’re proud too, Chris!

You recognize this handsome fella from In the Flesh!

One of our fave YouTubers, Alfie Deyes, supports the cause.

Yassss Dawson!


Grant Gastin is The Flash, in case you were wondering.

Kevin Durand tweeted this and has been retweeting basically everything having to do with #HeForShe. Awesome.

And lastly, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put up an incredible video on his channel Hit RECord in support and to keep the conversation about feminism going! Yay!
Who else have you seen supporting #HeForShe? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Grex

    Bug Hall! 🙂

  • Sigh

    Great cause I’m so happy more people are standing up and speaking out!

    You should add Harry Styles to the list – if Alfie is on there then Harrh should be lol. He’s also spoken out on many occasions about equality and degradation of women.

    • Marie

      I totally agree with you ! Harry Styles talks about equality very often and not only for women, even for gay people 🙂

  • Jane

    Harry Styles recently tweeted about his support for #heforshe along with a picture…