Why Are You Single?

I’m not quite sure why, but for some reason, people think everyone’s relationship status is their business. Maybe it’s because we’re curious creatures and want to know everything about everyone. It’s kind of weird though, right? People always ask why another person is single or why they’re not dating or why they haven’t been in a relationship in a while. Like, why is it anyone’s business?

Regardless, it happens. One of our lovely readers wanted to know how to respond to the “Why are you single?” question.

Let’s see what y’all had to say:

asia21 asked:
“I’m not sure how to respond to most when I am asked this question. Currently my answer is, ‘Not sure.’ But I kind of want a new answer. I don’t really make it a choice to be single. It’s not like I’m thinking ‘You know what? No boyfriends for me.’ I guess I am just at a period in time in which I am thinking that maybe I’m meant to be the cat lady. Not sure. My question to you all is… How do you respond to the question, ‘Why are you single?’ And my own question is, is that a choice or just what’s happening in your life now?”

oneandonly4 said:
“My own personal opinion is because I just got out of a bad break up and want to focus more on my new job and learning to drive. I’m not lying, it’s true. Try using something similar that’s true.”

taebadass said:
“Well I just got out of roller-coaster relationship. I just need time to be back being happy with my ex, to stable myself again, and to focus on learning how to drive and to look for scholarships to pay for college. You can always try to say something that you want to focus on etc.. “

RobynsNest said:
“I prefer ‘between boyfriends’ rather than ‘single’…”

Fantasygirl425 said:
“I also am trying to think of a better answer. I can’t say between boyfriends because I have never had a boyfriend. I think you should just have to explain you haven’t found any guys you like, and in my situation I don’t know where to meet guys.”

kari_TX said:
“Say you’re just focusing on yourself! Like personal growth.”

First of all, I want everyone to know that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being single. If you’re single, it doesn’t mean no one likes you or that something is wrong with you. It just means you’re not in a relationship. Being single is a great opportunity to really get to know yourself, figure out what you want and do the things you want to do.

Second, if someone asks you why you’re single, you don’t owe them an explanation. Frankly, that’s a rude question to ask. It’s not like anyone goes up to couples and asks why they’re in a relationship. Why is it okay to ask single people why they’re single?

You don’t need a default answer to respond to this question. You don’t need to make up andexcuse or have an explanation because being single is not a problem! You don’t owe anyone anything. If you are single, take the time to enjoy it! When you do get into a relationship, there are aspects you’ll certainly miss from your single days. Use your singledom to find out what you really want in a partner and to do the things you love doing!
Have you ever been asked why you’re single? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ron’Nisha

    People always ask me why I’m single and I would always say “I haven’t found anyone I like”.So one of my friends tries to be funny and say that “I’m gay”.I immediately denied it because it wasn’t funny at all and it really just made me confuse myself on what I actually want.However I am pretty sure I am straight and just haven’t found the right guy.Its just been so long that it made me think for a while that maybe guys weren’t for me.Basically when someone ask you…..Hey why are you single? ….Just say,because I’ve never tried as hard as you are NOT to be!

  • Elle

    A long time ago I got really fed up with question. It morphed into are you married? There was still the are you/why are you single? I have two older sisters. One has been married and divorced three times. The other has been married five times and divorced four times, and she’s currently separated from the fifth husband. So when answering these stupid and none of your business questions, I answer with “I’ve never been divorced.” It shuts people down pretty quickly especially those with a history of divorce. It basically says, “Bam! I’m selective and not so desperate to be in a relationship for the status that I end up marrying the wrong person for me. So you can suck it!” Worked wonders with my 80 something year old grandmother. She had the nerve to tell me my sisters knew more about men so she trusts their judgment better than mine. And her prime example was how nice one of my sister’s husbands treated my grandmother. And this was the man who was beating the crap out of my sister. Anyway, I’m not divorced is a great answer.

  • Rose

    I’ve finally came up with my answer as to why I’m single:

    The only guys who ever like me are creeps who make me and every other female in my school uncomfortable. How do I know he’s a creep? He’s tried to kiss me, stares at me, insults me, and touches me without my permission like petting me on the head or hugging me numerous times despite my obvious disdain And he does that to just about every girl.

    If a guy who didn’t do that would ask me out maybe I wouldn’t be single or I could it’s by choice, but it’s NOT!

  • mira

    If somebody asked me like that, I possibly answer by giving smile.Then,I’ll easily say, ‘I’m okay with that.What’s wrong?I wait the right man, at the right time, at the right place.’ It’s not because we’re not attractive, for me, I’m quite loveable, hahahha…just get rid of that.Take it easy with all things they ask…

  • Robin

    Why am I single?
    Because at this current moment in time and space, I don’t have a partner.
    Because I won’t settle.
    Because if don’t know how to be happy with myself, I won’t be happy with someone else.
    Because between work, university, volunteering, and Netflix I don’t have the bloody time.
    Because I enjoy sex without strings.
    Because being “alone” is okay.
    But most of all, because I choose to be.

  • Kim

    I am single because why the hell not? 🙂

  • Eve

    when people ask me why I’m single I usually look them straight in the eye and say “because I want to be”. People seem to associate being single as being unattractive, or not being able to find anyone that will date them. For me, being single is a conscious choice that I want for my life.