5 Comment Questions On How To Deal With Your Body Issues

Everyone has insecurities that they deal with: the need to lose or gain weight, change your hair color, amp up your personal style, etc. Too many people are willing to do anything to fit into the little mold that society has deemed acceptable, and this is obviously seriously damaging our self-esteem. This is so sad!

Gurl is all about empowering girls from the inside out, and we try not to put so much pressure on looking a certain way. We’re all different, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In order for anyone to have true confidence, we need to accept these differences, and understand that they make us who we are. Comparing ourselves to anyone else isn’t healthy.

It took me a long time to accept that the things that made me different were actually the things that made me special. It’s not about my looks, my clothes or how random strangers perceive me. It’s all about loving who you are inside and out and letting people see that inner confidence and love. A lot of you guys have trouble with that. Here are five comment questions on how to deal with your body issues:


 Self-Conscious Athlete 

I am really self conscious about my weight and my body. I’m a dancer and a cheerleader. I am not really “fat” but I weigh a lot more than I look because I have a lot of muscle. My muscle also makes my arms and thighs look big which I really don’t like. I have slight acne which I hide with makeup. I have been told that I’m really pretty on many occasions, but I think people only tell me this to make me feel better. I really hope my body image problems get better – Roxy 

Hi Roxy,

I want to commend you on being involved in sports, especially ones that are performance based. It takes a huge amount of guts to perform in front of people. This is a huge accomplishment that not many can do. Instead of focusing on your muscular arms and thighs, you should try to see yourself as the athlete that you are. People who are involved in sports need the extra muscle to allow them to perform. You should see your muscles as a sign of your accomplishments rather than something negative. As far as the acne situation, I know how you feel. I also suffer from acne, and I understand how frustrating it is to try to cover it up all the time. Try buying some face washes from the drugstore (I love Neutrogena products!). If it’s really bothering you, see a dermatologist who can prescribe something stronger. And, by the way, if someone gives you a compliment, say thank you and take it! Don’t second guess what they say – people wouldn’t compliment you unless they meant it.  Then go home and look in the mirror and replay the compliments that you’ve received to show yourself that these things are completely true. I really hope this helps you!


I Think I Don’t Fit In With My Skinny Family

I think I’m on the smaller end of what is considered plus size. By most people’s standards, I’m probably an average built, but I come from a family of petite women. It’s hell. I stick out like a sore thumb. I’m the family’s token fatty, and I feel like they are all judging me for my weight. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks, just my skinny family members. So, I don’t have the confidence to wear any of the stuff in this article, no matter how much I want to.Jodie

Hi Jodie,

I want you to stop beating yourself up over having a different body shape than your family members. There is nothing wrong with your body! Everyone has a different shape, even when they’re related. Please don’t assume that they’re judging your for your weight, because they probably aren’t. Family is there to support you through anything and love you no matter what size you are. As for gaining the confidence to wear stylish plus sized clothing, that has to come from within. Why don’t you try finding a pretty dress that looks amazing on you – don’t worry about the size, just pick a dress that instantly puts a smile on your face. Then wear this dress around your family. I know that once they see how confident you feel in the dress, you will get a ton of compliments! Apply this to everything that you buy: focus on how you feel rather than the size. Once you start to see how beautiful you feel in your clothing your confidence level will be through the roof. Stop thinking that you cannot wear certain things because of your size. Every body type is beautiful and you’re no exception!

Common Worries

I’m 16 and I have curves. Large boobs for my size, quite a large bottom, and weigh about 110 lbs while being about 5’7 or 5’8. I don’t gain much weight but I eat food very often in small snacks. I’d like to eat better and exercise but I’ve been so focused on body hair, it makes me feel like less of a girl even though my mom says it’s normal. Not to mention I get acne on my face, chest and back which isn’t helping my self esteem at the moment.. It’s natural, but I just hope my worries will go away. – Mariah

Hi Mariah,

First: I think it’s great that you want to start eating healthier. Being healthy is something that everyone should do no matter how much they weigh, or how tall they are. Start small by eating healthier snacks, cutting out food that’s really bad for you (like fast food), and maybe even smaller portions. Give yourself time because it can be hard to adjust, and remember, a cheat meal every now and then is always fine. Second: I understand that body hair can be a huge issue for girls, but please don’t let it get you down. So, you have a little extra hair here or there. It by no means makes you less of a girl. We were all born with hair all over our bodies – it’s completely normal and acceptable. If you really hate your body hair, you can shave or wax off what you don’t like. The extra maintenance might be annoying, but if it makes you feel more confident, than it’s worth it. Third: Body acne is a tough thing to tackle, but changing up some minor things might help you. Wash with fragrance-free soaps and body washes. Try drugstore brands like Neutrogena and Clean & Clear, and if those don’t work, see a dermatologist for stronger prescriptions. I also want to note that everyone has worries and insecurities about their bodies, but don’t let these things from keeping you from living your life and being happy with who you are on the inside. It’s important to love yourself!

Big Boobs Deserve Cute Bras

Bra shopping is the bane of my existence. It’s like the larger the bra size the more beige and ugly my options become. Why can’t bigger chested girls have cute bras? – Catherine

Hey Catherine,

I know what you’re going through. I also have a larger chest, and bra shopping can be upsetting and frustrating. But don’t let the limited options in the store discourage you. There are actually a lot more options than you would think, you just need to do a little digging. Shopping online is probably your best bet. Websites like BravissimoMasquerade and Elomi are great places for girls with bigger busts that want style and support. These bras might be a little more expensive, but if you can find a couple that are completely supportive and sexy it’s a great investment. Don’t hate your breasts, they’re beautiful just like you!

Bullied For My Looks

I’m 16, overweight, have braces, glasses and acne. My self esteem is low, please give me some advice on how to get through this. I’m worried people will start to bullying me.Hanna

Hi Hanna,

Okay, let’s take a step back. First, braces can be a pain (I had them for almost two years, so I know), but they’re only temporary. Just think about the day when you finally get them removed to reveal beautiful, straight teeth. Totally worth it, right? Secondly, there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses! Think of them as another accessory. Today, there are so many different designs and frames that glasses are super fun and chic. If you really hate them, you can always consider contacts as an option. As far as acne goes, it’s totally normal, but I get how it can be annoying. Use drugstore products like facial washes, moisturizers and spot treatments, and see a dermatologist for stronger prescriptions if necessary. Please don’t think of these things as negatives – just start seeing them as part of who you are at the moment.


Do you suffer from body image issues? Are you having a hard time finding confidence with? Tell me about the things that you love about yourself in the comments below instead of the things you don’t like! 

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  • Hey

    I have a problem..
    In my childhood my mom always told me to ‘cover up’ meaning i couldn’t show my legs (i can’t wear shorts or skirts with no leggings on) and I couldn’t have a ‘big’ neck collar (my shirts neck line has to be above the collar bones ) I couldn’t wear ‘revealing’ clothes so I couldn’t ‘show off’ my chest and I always wore something to cover up my arms and i also wore big clothes which covered up everything.She said boys would stare at me and make fun of me.She refused to buy me clothes and let me buy clothes which weren’t ‘good’ enough for her.

    Now im very self conscious about how i look and how the people around me look at me.I dont wear tights , shorts , sleeveless shirts or dresses, or skirts without being shy and wanting to take them off.(i feel safe with coverage)

    Please help me.I was young when this all started.I still love my mom but i need help.I know shes just being protective but..

  • Ariane Johannsen

    I completely understand how you feel. It’s pretty much the same with me. I do cross country though. At first I was really insecure about my legs, cuz they had muscle on them. But then I realized, “hey these legs can run a 2 mile race, and get 3rd place.” After that I started wearing shorts again, and so many people have complimented me on my legs. So just think what your body can do! Hope it helps!!!!!

  • Victoria

    Hellos, I’m 15 and I consider myself to be an athlete. I play Soccer, do dance, play volleyball. But because I’m so active I have some muscle and a bit of a gut. I always feel like the fatty in a group who no one’ll ever love or find attractive. When ever I look through photos and see myself I cringe because I feel so butt ugly.i feel like a failure. I’ve tried so many things to get more for and loose that extra few pounds. But nothing works and it’s so discouraging. Please respond and help me because I don’t know what I’m going to do.

  • Maria

    Hi my name is maria am proud of being me i love my smile and if i just lose wight i will be perfect but the problem is that no one is pushing me to stop eating and when i don’t eat i cant resist the food i have a hungry tummy every second i think if i don’t stop i will be far from fat can you help please.

  • Angela

    I’m always worrying when it’s summer bc I feel like I’m being judged when I wear a bikini, shorts, crop tops etc. All the girls at school are so pretty- nice bodies, faces etc and i just wanna be pretty like them

  • Blair

    You basically just addressed the girls who feel too big, but thin girls got nothing which upsets me because they have just as much problems or more possibly

  • Selina


    I am a year 12 age 16 (almost 17) student and feel like I have the largest upper size area and my bottom half is really big too. I tried eating less and motivating myself but comes crashing down after a few weeks. I feel really insecure about myself, hence why, I dont wear dresses or even shorts in most cases! Im so ashamed of walking around with even a tshirt rather than a jacket to cover up my large upper body. I feel so insecure


  • Chandler Fields

    I just turned 13 years old, and will enter high school fall of next year. I am very concerned with my weight because, all of my other friends are so thin and pretty and simply because I hate the way I look in most places on my body. The woman in my family are all so thin, and I feel like the outsider. I am 5’7” and weigh 136 pounds. I even know 16 year olds who are my height and weight 20 pounds less than I do. I already feel like an outcast because of my height. I am dancer and are determined to exercise and eat less, but the inspiration isn’t there. I’m afraid my low self-esteem may lead to anorexia. Please help?

    • Ariane Johannsen

      Hey y’all! I’m 13, I’m about 5’7, and I weigh somewhere around 130 pounds. Some people might say I’m overweight, but I’m not. I eat really heathy, (thanks to my Heath nut mom) 🙂 and I’m also a runner. Everyone has a different body, on some people 130 pounds might be overweight, on some people, underweight. It all depends on you body size. And for that matter, I am super comfortable with my body. I know I’m in good shape, so I’m happy. 🙂

  • jayline

    My own flaws include dark circles, and the skinniest arms. They aren’t like twigs, because I saw this other girl with arms thinner than mine. Anyway, I have thick thighs and small boobs. I always wear a jacket at school to hide my arms because they don’t match my body. Plus, I don’t want anyone to think I have an eating disorder. I literally eat ALOT, and basically a normal diet for my age. I’m healthy 13 and a half girl with a problem.
    How can I stop feeling this way about my arms?