30 Of Our Best Posts About Birth Control To Answer All Of Your Questions

I remember the first time I considered taking birth control pills. To put it simply, I was terrified. I had grown up attending a Catholic school where I don’t think they ever mentioned the words “birth control.” At the time, I was a sophomore in high school, and we couldn’t take health class until junior year – so I knew literally nothing about my birth control options. I was aware that the Pill existed, and I had an idea of what it did (prevented pregnancy, gave you bigger boobs, made you more mature – my 15-year-old synopsis), but that was about it.

Not to sound lame and weirdly self-promotional, but I honestly wish I had a site like Gurl around at that moment to help teach me more about birth control. I was scared to talk to my mom, but knew she was my only way to get to a gynecologist. It was not an ideal situation, and I wish I could have turned to the Internet for advice. But I didn’t, because I didn’t know those resources could be out there.

Even in the year 2014, when you know this information is at your fingertips, birth control can still be pretty scary. There are still so many questions about your options that aren’t answered in sexual education classes, and if you don’t have a trusted adult to speak to, you’re going to feel completely lost. That’s where we come in. Here are 30 of our best posts about birth control that I can almost promise will answer all of your questions. Oh, and if you’re wondering why condoms aren’t mentioned here – look for our next roundup!


What You Need To Know Before You Start Taking Birth Control

girl code birth control pil

When Should You Start Taking The Birth Control Pill? 

How To Ask Your Mom For Birth Control

10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Birth Control Pills

Your Complete Guide To Your Birth Control Options

Can You Go On Birth Control Without Telling Your Parents?


Important Info About The Pill

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What Happens When You Switch Birth Control Pills?

10 Things That Happen When You Go Off Birth Control Pills

7 Of The Scariest Negative Side Effects Of The Pill

10 Questions You Have To Ask Your Doctor About The Pill

Does Taking Birth Control Mean You’re Easy?

8 Facts About Birth Control You Need To Know Now

8 Myths About Birth Control Pills That Are Totally Wrong

Does The Pill Make You Less Attracted To Manly Men?

7 Helpful Ways To Remember To Take Your Birth Control Pill

Is It Normal For Birth Control Pills To Mess With Your Emotions?

What Happens If You Forget To Take A Pill?

Are Your Birth Control Pills Giving You Pain During Orgasms?

How To Skip Your Period Using The Pill

Should You Be Taking Breaks From Your Birth Control Pill?


All About Plan B

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Can You Use Emergency Contraception As Birth Control?

Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Contraception

10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Buying Plan B


Everything IUD


Here’s What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About One Birth Control Option

What Is An IUD?

10 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About IUDs


Personal Birth Control Stories

kim kardashian birth control

7 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Birth Control

This Girl Almost Died From Her Birth Control Pill

My Birth Control Pills Made Me Feel Crazy

My Mom Hid My Birth Control From Me

When My Plan A Birth Control Failed, I Took Plan B


Which of these posts did you think was the most helpful? What are your birth control questions? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!

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