22 Amazing Old Milk Mustache Ads You Forgot About

Back in the ’90s and early 2000’s, there was only one advertisement that really mattered, and that was the Got Milk mustache ads. Yes, I’m talking about ads for milk, and don’t even lie – I know you remember them too. The Got Milk ads were classic. They always featured the most famous celebrity of the moment, standing there with a glass of milk and a telltale milk mustache, next to a paragraph with an explanation of why they love milk so much that always referenced exactly what they were famous for. You could find the ads in all of your favorite magazines. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely had a Got Milk ad collection. In fact, if you go through my desk drawers, I guarantee you’ll find some of my favorites.

I don’t know why the Got Milk ad campaign was such a big deal. It was literally a bunch of pictures of celebs drinking milk, of all things, but for some reason, people LOVED them. The ads were a huge hit, and I know I wasn’t the only person collecting them. Don’t even get me started on the moment we all realized that milk mustache was fake – it was devastating.

If you can believe it, the Got Milk ad campaign actually just recently ended earlier this year. It was around for a while, but I’m assuming it stopped performing as well when celebs started shunning dairy for almond and cashew milk. Regular milk just stopped being cool.

Well, I don’t care how “cool” milk is or not – I still love these ads. Here are 22 amazing old milk mustache ads you probably forgot about. Which ones did you collect?


1. The Backstreet Boys

backstreet boys got milk ad

My teenage heart exploded when I first saw this. Also, this is SO ’90s!!!


2. Hanson 

hanson got milk

Look at these little baby faces!


3. Britney Spears

britney spears got milk

I can’t believe how young Brit Brit looks here! This is the cutest.


4. Austin Powers

austin powers got milk

This movie was huge back then, so it only makes sense that the character would get his own ad.


5. Tommy Pickles, Chuckie and Angelica from Rugrats

rugrats got milk

I mean… obviously.


6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


These two were my idols when I was growing up (and still kind of are), so I was obsessed with this one.


7. Jonathan Taylor Thomas


We need to live in a world where JTT is just as famous now as he was in the ’90s.


8. Lindsay Lohan


Aw, this one actually makes me sad. What happened, Linds?!


9. Kermit The Frog


I love everything about this vintage milk ad.


10. Jennifer Love Hewitt


Look how clever these marketing people are.


11. Jonathan Lipnicki 


So… this might be the cutest Got Milk ad ever.


12. Gisele 


That belt… so early 2000’s.


13. Nikki McCray, Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoopes 


Female basketball stars FTW!


14. Garfield 


Milk and lasagna is a disgusting combination, but this is still really cute.


15. Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston


Did all of the Friends cast get a milk ad? They should have all done it together!


16. Amanda Bynes 


Awww, Amanda 🙁


17. Tyra Banks


OMG guys, look at Tyra here. She looks amazing!


18. Bart and Lisa Simpson 


The cartoon milk ads were always the best ones.


19. Sarah Michelle Gellar 


Here’s SMG, being all Buffy on us.


20. Serena and Venus Williams 




21. Mischa Barton 


Oh man, this makes me miss The O.C.


22. Miley Cyrus 


What a difference a few years makes, huh?


Which of these Got Milk ads were your favorite? Did you ever collect these? Which ones did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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