Quiz: Does Your Boyfriend Care Enough?

caring-boyfriendBeing in a relationship is hard. There is constant work that needs to come from both sides in order to make things work. The good news? The good usually outweighs the bad, and makes everything worth it. There is nothing like having someone there who you know you can depend on. It’s a really great feeling! However, there are times when boyfriends can miss the point of a fight or be completely oblivious, and that doesn’t feel so good. Hopefully those times are few and far in between, though.

Good relationships are based on open communication. What happens if your boyfriend isn’t doing so hot on being open? Or if he just isn’t there for you when you need him? Sometimes we start to question how much they care about the relationship. Take our quiz to see if your boyfriend cares enough. Don’t worry, there’s hope to help him if he’s not doing so well.



How did your boyfriend do? Does he care enough? Or does he need some work? Let us know in the comments below! 

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