15 Fun, Unique DIY Halloween Costumes No One Else Will Think Of

One of the worst things ever is showing up to a Halloween party wearing the same costume as three other people. This is why I try to avoid buying costumes from the store (plus, they’re so overpriced). DIY costumes are always so much more fun, plus there’s a much better chance that you won’t have any Halloween twins out there.

You already know that this Halloween, you’re going to see at least 20 Elsa’s from Frozen, a few different versions of Tris from Divergent, and probably some left-over Walter White’s from Breaking Bad. Don’t be the same thing as everyone else! If you want to go for something fun and different so that you stand out in the crowd, you need to make your own costume. Here are 15 fun, unique DIY Halloween costume ideas that no one else will think of.

Which of these costume ideas was your favorite? Which have you seen before? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Bella

    Another idea for the jelly fish costume is to use an umbrella if you don’t mind carrying it around, when I was one I also used glow in the dark paint also.

  • Pure Costumes

    Love all 15 of those DIY but Mugato stand out the most for me. However, I would love to see a DIY for Maleficent though.

  • laura

    i liked the jellyfish

  • Myers-Briggs

    I got a black set of dress clothes and a white set from Goodwill, and my mom is going to cut them in half and sew them together so I can go as Two-Face from Batman. Also, in regards to no. 3, you cannot be blamed if people have the sudden urge to hit you with sticks. Especially drunk people and possibly children.

    • Myers-Briggs

      Oops, I meant no. 4.

  • Theodosia

    My friend once went as a bag of jellybeans… She put a clear garbage bag around her then filled it with balloons. It was pretty cool, but not very practical to wear to school; she couldn’t sit down!
    Another friend of mine went as a present. She bought a giant gift bag and cut head and arm holes. Original, but also difficult to sit in!