7 Effed Up Moments From Clueless

If someone were to ask me whether I’d rather watch Mean Girls or Clueless, I would say Clueless without a single sliver of hesitation. Maybe it’s the ’90s aesthetic or my Los Angeles pride, but Clueless just wins out every time. It’s funny, clever, silly and has a lot of heart, so it’s pretty hard not to love.

But in retrospect, there are a few things about it that make me go, “Uh, wait…that’s messed up.” Again, don’t get me wrong, I love this movie like no other, but there are a few things that are definitely curious and cringe worthy. If you’re wondering how the hell I could find something to side eye in Clueless, the check out this roundup of seven effed up moments from Clueless.

Cher And Josh Getting Together

I know I know, they're cute, right? Opposites attract and all that. But it wasn't until recently that I hit me that, uh, Cher is like...in 10th grade, barely 16-years-old yet in this movie and she's hooking up with her ex step-brother who is in college. Like...nah. I know that Cher would rather die before dating a high school boy but this...nah.

'He Does Like To Shop, Cher.'

Yes...Christian is definitely gay because he enjoys shopping...which straight men are physically unable to enjoy. I get that they were really trying to make us know that there was a reason for Christian not being into Cher with a bit of humor but...

Tai's Social Stock Re: Travis

I get it, I get it, Cher was trying to help Tai and her social stock but keeping her away from Travis was probably the most cold blooded thing in this whole movie. Luckily, Cher realized the error of her ways later but woof, she should have just let Tai get a cute makeover and be with her slacker skater boy, too.

Cher Doesn't Speak Mexican

Again, this is just another example of Cher being her clueless self but it always struck me as funny that the focus after Cher said she didn't speak Mexican was the fact that the housekeeper isn't Mexican but, in fact, El Salvadorian. Important distinction, but isn't someone going to tell Cher that Mexican ain't a language?

That braid though...

Okay, so if Dionne's braids are just oh so superior and she doesn't wear polyester ones like the one found in Murray's car...who did it belong to? Like, how was this never addressed again? Murray, you better not have been jeepin' behind Dionne's back.

Travis' Random Suicide Attempt?

I get that this was played up for laughs but this dude was legit halfway out the window. Um...


Okay, not an effed up, problematic moment so much as a mystery: How is that snowman still lit up if Tai is in the car and about to drive away? Is it still plugged in? How far is that cord? Unsolved mysteries.


Anything else from Clueless that made you side eye a bit, too? Would you rather watch Clueless or Mean Girls? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jaime Natasha Roberts

    Josh is apparently a college freshman, so he’s only be 18, maybe just 19.

  • Sassy Claus

    About the last one, there’s a cord coming out of the open car window. There’s no way that they could’ve drove away.

  • Rosie Spaceboy

    Of course Cher doesn’t realize that Mexican’s not a language, she’s Clueless!! Isn’t that kind of the point of the movie? Lol… So, why is that more “curious and cringe-worthy” than pronouncing Haitians “Haiti-ans” or Spartacus “Sparaticus”? Lol.

    Great catch on the snowman one though! I’ve seen Clueless SO MANY TIMES and never even noticed that part 🙂