8 Terrible Things You Didn’t Know Binge-Watching Was Doing To You

Binge-watching is a favorite activity of mine. As someone who’s constantly busy and running around, I really enjoy a short period of time where I can zone out and focus on just one thing. I also happen to love television so binge-watching is great for someone like me.

Last weekend, I watched all of Orphan Black (please watch it) in two days and barely left my bed. It was amazing. Netflix just revealed they’re putting ALL of Gilmore Girls up on October 1st, and we’re already planning our weekend binges! There’s nothing I’d love to do more than spend two weeks watching Gilmore Girls 24/7. But you have to be careful when it comes to binge-watching because it has some not-so-great side effects:

Are you a binge-watcher? Have you experienced any of the above? What’s your favorite show to binge-watch? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Fiera

    I totally relate to most of this. I watch an entire anime series over a weekend, or a week depending on how much episodes there are; but then I don’t watch a series for about two or three months so I think it balances. When I’m into it, though, I go into complete hermit mode.

  • Kelli Rihanna Marie Filip


  • Emma

    I’m fairly sure I had no social life even before I started watching Dexter.