10 Thoughts You’ll Have When You’re Hooking Up In Your Car

When you’re in high school, you have to get creative when finding places to hook up. Some of you might have parents who let you have people in your rooms, but that’s pretty rare. You also run the risk of getting walked in on, which is mortifying. Judging from most of your hookup confessions, this happens a lot.

So most of you are left with the option of hooking up in your car. I’ve hooked up in several cars, and it is not a fun experience. Even in a big SUV, it’s not meant for two bodies to be doing… things. If you’ve ever hooked up in a car before, I bet you had these 10 thoughts:

1. Ew, why is this old fast food cup still back here?

How long has that been here?!

2. When was the last time you cleaned out your car, dude?

No, really. This is disgusting.

3. Okay, we can do this.

Alright, you move your left leg there, I’ll move this way…

4. I think I just pulled a muscle.


5. What is poking me in the back?!

I don’t even want to know.

6. This is nothing like Titanic.

It was so much sexier in the movies.

7. OMG did you hear that?


8. Someone’s coming!


9. If I get caught by the police, I’m grounded forever.

Seriously, forever.

10. Can we find a better place next time?

Otherwise, I’m not doing this.
Have you ever hooked up in a car? What thoughts did you have? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Leslie Diaz

    A few months ago and it wasnt that bad cx we didn’t go all the way (by choice) but it was still an amazing experience 🙂 me and my boyfriend are just really into hooking up in the the most random places xD

  • Amelia

    When my best friend and I hooked up in the back of his car, we were in a secluded parking lot by the woods. After 20 minutes, an entire drug cartel came and parked their cars next to us. We spent the next 40 minutes staring at the ceiling, trying not to be seen. I can laugh about it now because nothing happened, but it was terrifying at the time. Be safe, Ladies!