7 Things Plus Size Girls Should Never Do

Plus size girls get a lot of flack, especially the ones who identify as fat and are proud of it. If they aren’t dealing with the trouble of finding clothes that fit in their favorite store, they’re dealing with folks on the street playing doctor and telling them what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their bodies. All of this pressure can cause so much unnecessary stress and can lead to a hell of a lot of self hate.

Enough is enough! It’s time for some serious self-love and empowerment to show all the haters what’s what. But the only way to do that is to make sure to never do these seven things, no matter what obstacles lie in the way.

Never Stop Taking Awesome Outfit Pics

Some of the most amazing style bloggers out there with the most innovative and fun styles are plus size chicks. And yet, so many receive a ton of harassment due to their body type. Thats so disgusting. Don't let the haters get you don't and don't stop showing off your outfits. Seriously, whether you're a blogger with a huge following or you just wanna show off your new dress on Insta, do it!

Photo source: StyleIsStyle.com

Never Be Complacent About The Lack Of Plus Size Options Out There

Let's be real: The fashion world kind of sucks, and it's that suckage that leads to some serious struggle when it comes to finding awesome plus size clothing for all kinds of different styles. There should be plus size clothes available for punky girls, preppy girls, boho girls, indie girls, and every other kind of girl on the planet.

Photo source: cupcakesclothes.com

Never Feel The Need To Hide Your Body In Baggy Clothes

People of all body types have insecurity issues about their assets, but nobody gets as much flack about their bodies than bigger girls. Can we call BS? Let's call BS. Your body is your body, and it's not like your purpose is to go around making other people comfortable. If anyone has a problem with your body, that's their problem, not yours. If you wanna give your thighs the love of some of the sun's rays, do it!

Photo source: GabiFresh.com

Never Indulge People Who Decide To Play Doctor

Nobody can look at someone and act as if they know their entire medical history. There are fat girls who exercise all the damn time and eat heathy foods and skinny girls who don't...and yet, someone is going to naturally assume that the fat girl has the most unhealthy lifestyle? Get out of here. And honestly, whether you exercise or what you eat is nobody's business.

Photo source: My Mad Fat Diary/E4

Never Listen To Rigid Fashion Rules

Don’t wear knee socks. Only wear bootcut jeans. Fit n’ flare looks best. Avoid mini skirts. Blah blah blah blah blah, enough! Like I said before, if you want to rock a crop top with booty shorts, knee socks and a sleeveless top, do it, and look fabulous while doing so because some rules were made to be broken.

Photo source: ArchedEyebrow.com

Never Hate Your Body

Okay, hear me out: A lot of people have an uncomfortable relationship with their body. It takes a lot more than a peppy "LOL OMG LOVE YOURSELF" to undo some of the negative thoughts we can have about ourselves. Also, let's be real, nobody loves the way they look in the mirror every day. But it's one thing to feel meh about your body sometimes and another to hate it and wish it wasn't yours. If you want to fee more empowered, check out some awesome plus size style blogs or, if you're interested in fat acceptance, check out the community on tumblr. Either way, we might not love our bodies every day, but let's try not to hate it, even if society says you should. Screw society, okay, and keep on twirlin'!

Photo source: fromthecornersofthecurve.com

Never Listen To The Haters

They can talk to the hand, girl.

Photo source: nadiaaboulhosn.com

Are you a plus size girl who has had to deal with a lot of awful comments? Do you consider yourself part of the fat acceptance movement? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Liana

    I think that maybe girl should even do one for skinny gals out there cuz im on of them ! They always focus on plus size girls(which is totally awesome and they NEED the encouragement?) but I really would like an article for me and girls like myself… thanx

  • Anon

    I’m so glad this site talks a lot about how you should wear clothes YOU like, not clothes that “complement your body type.” Blegh. My school is terrible with this, the female teachers who enforce the dress code are always saying they do it teach us to figure out “what looks good on us” and it sucks because why is that anyone’s business. Plus size girls, you keep on wearing shorts and boots and crop tops and bikinis and whatever else. Or wear those over-size sweaters with leggings if you want even- I mean they’re pretty comfy. Even non plus size girls get told to only wear what’s meant for their shape and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that is major BS.

  • mystery

    U calling me fat

    • Chell


  • Foreverawesome

    I just love these articles! <3 These are really nice and the pictures are great! I'm so glad that Gurl helps people realize that they should NEVER have to feel bad about how they look. It's their body, not other peoples business.