10 Things Plus Size Girls Can Wear No Matter What The Haters Say

Let’s be real: The fashion industry is effed up, especially when it comes to producing clothes that fit for a diverse range of body types. Obviously this is particularly sucky if you’re a girl rocking plus size clothing. It’s hard enough to find things that fit, so it’s even more ridiculous that bigger girls have to deal with criticism for the things they want to wear. Because, of course, heaven forbid a plus size woman wear a tight dress or skinny jeans; those are only for girls who are a size four, right? Ugh, no, not right, not right at all.

Let’s collectively decide that it is time to stop listening to the haters and it’s time to stop perpetuating body shaming! Here are 10 things that plus size girls can wear no matter what!

Skinny Jeans

Believe it or not, not everyone is embarrassed about their thighs or big ol' hips. Skinny jeans can offer some girls the sort of proportions they want to show off or ones that they're just totally cool with. You don't have to be a size two to rock a super tight pair of jeans (same goes for leggings)!

Photo source: ArchedEyebrow.com

Printed Bottoms

You've probably heard that florals are an absolute no no for bigger girls. Um, you know what? Florals and other prints look rad no matter what your body type is.

Photo source: fromthecornersofthecurve.com

Short Skirts

God forbid you ever show the world that you have thighs. Oh no, their poor, sensitive eyes! But seriously, anybody who gives you a hard time for wearing a damn skirt is an absolute loser. Rock it with pride, girl.

Photo source: cupcakesclothes.com

Anything Sleeveless

Oh no, fat on arms! Oh, the humanity! Please, most peope on the planet don't have super toned, stellar guns. Don't torture yourself if it is hot out and wear that cute tank dress or that tube top, boo.

Photo source: curiousfancy.com

High Heels

This one makes such little sense to me. Why can't a girl who is bigger than a size 10 rock some heels? I was told that it's because it is unflattering to have a larger body balancing on thin heels. Who...why...why does anyone care?

Photo source: curvygirlchic.com


Rock that bikini without fear. You look cute, you look hot, you look fierce. Seriously, don't let a little (or a lot of) love handles get in the way of looking fab at the beach or by the pool. Bikinis were made for you, too!

Photo source: The Daily Beast/Michael Edwards

Shift Dresses

As GabiFresh (pictured) said, "I know some might think this dress makes me look bigger, but...I couldn’t care less. Clothing should be a way to express yourself, not slim yourself down."

Photo source: GabiFresh.com

Crop Tops

If you're super self conscious about wearing one, rock it with some high waist shorts or pants. Then you're good to go!

Photo source: nadiaaboulhosn.com


Again, don't limit your style choices just because you're not a size two. If you find a cute pair of shorts, wear a cute pair of shorts. Haters gonna hate but lovers are gonna ask you where the hell you found those awesome shorts.

Photo source: StyleIsStyle.com

Bodycon Dresses

Show off your figure and look fierce with a bodycon dress. If you're a little shy, rock it with a cute jacket on top.

Photo source: thepearshape.com

What other ridiculous things have you heard that plus size girls can’t wear? For the plus size girls out there: What’s your favorite thing to wera that people say you shouldn’t? Tell us in the comments!

You can follow the author, Ashley Reese, on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite!

8 Things You Should Wear Regardless Of Your Body Type

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  • wayway

    listen you plus sized girls, I know a lot of people want you to feel fat and stuff, but believe me there are a lot of guys at the bar, church and work place that are like me, and by that I mean they luv a plus size girl, whew only if you knew how quick I would jump over one of those skinny girls like a kangaroo to get next to u

  • Laura Morand Bailey

    Ashley, thanks for writing this – it reached me just when I was planning to make some overalls and thinking…..hmmm….maybe not….but now I’m thinking….hell yes!

  • Laura Morand Bailey

    why do you think the article is patronizing?

  • Elizabeth

    From a girl whose hips, legs and butt makes her a size 17 long in pants (or 14 in plus) I agree with Ashley Reese. I’m smaller on top (boobs, with the exception of my large arms and sorta big stomach), and thicker on bottom at a staggering 5’8, and to everyone around me I’m considered plus sized. Whenever I go into a store looking for shirts people look at me crazy and say I’m in the wrong department. Long story short there isn’t a big difference between curvy and plus sized; I know girls who are plus sized and look better in body con dresses than curvier girls do. I also think that how large of a stomach you have wouldn’t change SO much on how someone would look; and if it did, this article is about wearing the things you want regardless of what someone else thinks ✨

  • jjones

    this is so patronizing!!

    • How? It is literally just saying eff you to the people who think that there are certain things plus size girls can’t wear. Because of what? The fact that someone’s arm isn’t the size of a toothpick? Come on. Style is style and anyone can wear whatever they want regardless of body type. Unfortunately, society tells plus size chicks that they can’t. That’s exactly what this post is fighting against so I’m not sure what the problem is?

  • nina

    christ, i can’t thank you enough for this article, and the one you did on where whatever the eff you want to. honestly, this is the best.

  • Jodie

    I’m on the smaller end of what is considered plus size (by most people’s standards, I’m probably pretty average), but I come from a family of petite women. It’s hell. I stick out like a sore thumb. I’m the family’s token fatty, and I feel like they are all looking at me and thinking how fat I am. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks, just my skinny family members. So, I don’t have the confidence to wear any of this stuff, no matter how much I want to. Great article, though…

    • Jane

      Jodie, one of these days you’re going to fall in love with a dress for homecoming or maybe a really cute clubbing dress knowing that your family would disapprove and you’ll love it so much, that you’ll respectively yell “F*ck you” to skinny mommy and sissy and auntie linda when have something discouraging to say because your life is your time to shine honey not for anyone to have control over what you should and shouldn’t embrace about yourself.You’ll be so much happier when you realize that.

    • Elaina

      AMEN! This is seriously the story of my life. My mother and father both have recently become health freaks… they’ve eaten nothing for weeks at a time and are thrilled at their new bodies and skinny clothing. Now all they have to say to me is “cmon, join us” or “eat healthier, it isn’t hard”. It’s the most difficult thing in the world to deal with. I am a size 12 in jeans and 5’2, around 200 pounds. If you want to chat, my tumblr is “lithiumwhatsername.tumblr.com” and my twitter is “Nirvanaxfan”. I am so happy you wrote this. I’ve felt so alone for the longest time.

  • Samantha Escobar

    Hell yeah.

  • N

    Theres a difference between curvy and plus-sized, the girl in the body on dress is definitely curvy. The dress would look completely different on someone who has more fat on their stomach. Other than that, great article,

    • If you have incredibly wide hips and a large bottom and can’t fit into any pants below a size 12, you would probably be wearing plus size jeans. I think it’s possible to be curvy and not plus sized but it’s also possible to be curvy and plus sized. Glad you liked the article, though!

  • Kitten

    All of these people are sooo pretty!!! >A<;;

  • Foreverawesome

    Seeing this is sooooo nice! I have always felt that I couldn’t wear most of these things because of my size. It feels really nice to hear these things. This is really awesome.