10 Signs The “Nice Guy” Is Actually A Jerk

A few weeks ago, I was scanning my Facebook Newsfeed when I saw a guy I knew from high school, who I had thought was cool, post a long, ranty status about girls. It went something like this: “Why do girls always ignore me? Oh, I guess because I’m such a nice guy, and girls only like a**holes. They ignore the nice guys like me, and only date guys who treat them badly. Then they complain and wonder why they can’t find a good guy. Hey girls, maybe if you stop whoring yourselves out, wear less makeup, and wear a little more clothing, you’ll actually meet someone nice. But you’ll probably ignore him too.” I was so disgusted and furious that I immediately unfriended him, because I don’t need that kind of person in any aspect of my life.

How many times have you seen a status like that one? How many times have you heard a guy whine about how he’s “so nice,” before he goes off into a long rant about everything that is wrong with the female population these days? It has become so common, that now, whenever I hear a guy stress how “nice” he is, alarms go off in my head. Warning, warning! This guy is actually just a self-involved, whiney tool who thinks he deserves sex and love simply because he’s “nice.” In other words, he’s a jerk.

There are way too many dudes out there masquerading as nice guys when, actually, they suck. You don’t want to date a guy like that, because it means he’s immature, entitled, and possibly a little bit misogynistic.  Avoid them as much as possible by memorizing these 10 signs that the “nice guy” is actually a huge jerk. Good luck out there, girls.

Do you know any “nice” guys who are actually jerks? Which signs do you disagree with? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Channe

    Can’t believe I read all this shit.

    Probably written by a slut who likes screwing strangers.

  • Dylan

    Hi I’m a guy and before I start, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing on a teenage-girl’s website… well I’m a feminist who is usually mistaken for a girl because I’m “overly-sensitive” or I’m a girl because I love animals and I hate how teenage-boys are constantly pressured to act “masculine” and not have feelings. So I believe (MOST) teenage-boys are ridiculously stupid and (A LOT) of teenage-girls are ridiculously stupid for caring about what a stupid guy thinks of her in the first place.
    So I’m on this site because I have nothing better to do at the moment…
    Heck I even look at nice sweaters and think ooh it’s so colourful and designed I love it! and then I realise I’m at the woman’s section haha (oh so that’s why those people stare at me!)
    Yeah but to the point, I think you’re right a lot of “nice-guys” are just trying to get in a girls pants but there are genuine “nice-guys” too you know so I’m a little offended.
    The actual nice-guys are the ones who accept they are not perfect and don’t care weather a friendship with a girl leads to getting in her pants. (there are guys like this)
    I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’d like to think I’m a nice-guy and I would love to be able to start a friendship with a girl because I believe girls are more understanding and patient and caring and I know it sounds cheesy but I hate how a lot of girls I talked to thought “oh he’s just trying to get some” because really, all I want to do is have sensible conversations with someone and I would want to be friends with girls because I can relate more I just don’t understand boys at all.
    So please explain how you let a girl know you’re not just trying to get in her pants and genuinely trying to be nice? without saying it directly.

    • Zoe

      And that everyone is a prime example of a “nice guy” whos actually a jerk who think all women owe him something JUST because he thinks he’s a nice guy.

  • diane

    I don’t think there is something wrong with men who think they are nice so they deserve love :/ most people feel like that… Especially its true that most girl date boys who treats them bad then complain and blame all the men.

    • Lisa

      Who are these “most girls?” most girls I know have truly nice and loving boyfriends and husbands. And none of them call themselves “nice guys” again and again and again. Other people call them nice

    • Kelsey

      If you’re actually a nice person you don’t need to go around proclaiming it. Whining about how single you are isn’t going to make anyone want to date you. Just be your natural, true, nice self and people will take interest. The entire problem is men feeling entitled to women, to love, to sex, to whatever it is they want, just because they think they are nice. This is 100% not true. No one owes you anything, you don’t “deserve” something just because you say so.

  • LilleMeg

    Thank you so much for posting this, Jessica! I’ve been trying to find the words to explain how I feel about “nice guys”, and this is perfect! I’ve met way too many guys like this.