EXCLUSIVE: Kendall Schmidt Talks Dating Advice And Reveals His Date Pet Peeve!

I'll tell you a secret: Kendall LOVED taking selfies with us.

I’ll tell you a secret: Kendall LOVED taking selfies with us.

A few weeks ago, I got to hang out with the amazing Kendall Schmidt! You know, Kendall Knight from Big Time Rush? Yeah, him. Jealous, right? Well, he’s been up to a lot lately with his friend Dustin Belt. The two met randomly in 2008 and realized they grew up on the same street in Kansas, Heffron Drive. They formed a band of the same name, but then Kendall joined Big Time Rush.

Well, now Heffron Drive is back! They went on a winter tour last year and have been recording their first studio album, Happy Mistakes, which comes out next Tuesday. (We’re pumped!) It’s definitely a different vibe from what he did with BTR, but I have to say, I’m totally feeling the new sound.

I was so excited to sit down with Kendall, and seriously, he’s just as adorable as you think he’d be in person. (He also gives the best hugs!) We asked him all about dating and got some great tips:

What’s the best dating advice you can give to teen girls?
“I know that teen girls always like to go for the bad guy. Don’t! Skip it! Just skip it, like the bad guy is never gonna be good in any situation. Only in the movies. Maybe it’s just because I was always the nice guy so… go for the nice guy.”

But some guys aren’t really nice! They say they’re the “nice guy” when really they’re jerks. How do you know the difference?
“I don’t even know. I guess you have to see through it, but yeah bad guys, I never understood that. There are so many girls that were going on dates with like the most random dudes and I was like ‘I do not understand it.’ For years, you know. It’s like ‘Okay, she had a bad choice with the one guy. Let’s give her another shot.’ And then you see ’em go through and you’re like, ‘Man they’re just all bad choices.’ Find someone nice and like understanding, at least.”

Have you ever done anything crazy to impress a girl?
“I mean just losing your mind over a girl is pretty crazy anyway because it’s amazing how quickly that happens. Cooking, I feel like sometimes I do that to try to impress, but also sometimes it can do damage because if you’re too good at cooking then a girl’s like ‘Oh my God, it’s amazing!’ (Editor’s note: he made googly eyes here) I’m so busy, I don’t wanna lead anybody on too soon! Just because it’s not a realistic kind of thing so I realized that doing that or taking someone on vacation if you’re not really dating is probably not a good idea. Because then they think that all of life is a vacation and you have to worry about that. That might be the biggest one: taking someone on vacation trying to impress them, especially if you’re not for sure gonna lock it in.”

Did you do that?
“Yeah, I did that…”

Can you see me fangirling here or nah?

Can you see me fangirling here or nah?

“I didn’t want to go on vacation by myself! Either way, this girl’s a really good friend so I knew that was probably, that was gonna happen. And sure enough it did and even though we entertained the idea of dating for a while, it was like ‘I just can’t. It’s not gonna happen.’ So I felt bad, initially after, for doing that for sure. Sorry! Hey, it was a great vacation!”

Is there anything a girl shouldn’t do?
“No red lipstick. It draws too much attention to one spot, and also it’s just like so bright. Just right there! It’s not natural. But I also feel like you’re not doing a lot of making out when you’re wearing red lipstick.”

What about other bright colors?
“I think red bothers me most. I think any heavy makeup application is just… whatever. I think girls are pretty the way they are. Too much makeup I just think is never a good thing.”

We love us some red lipstick, y’all know that. Don’t be afraid to rock it if you love it! Unless you’re planning to make out with Kendall Schmidt, but sorry, I’m gonna have to fight you for him!
What do you think of Kendall’s dating advice? Are you excited for Heffron Drive’s album? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Stephanie

    Hi! Just wanted to tell you that the Heffron Drive Street is in Burbank, and Kendall and Dustin lived on that street together. However, they are also both from Kansas.

  • Janet

    Kendall and Dustin are from Kansas, but met in California where they both lived on Heffron Drive (the street) and then named the band after that. They were both born in Wichita, KS in the same hospital, but didn’t live on the same street or meet in Kansas.