15 Of The Weirdest, Craziest Beyonce Items You Can Buy On Etsy

It’s no secret that Beyonce fans are some of the most devoted celeb fandoms out there, right up there with Beliebers and Directioners. If you try to tell a Beyonce fan that Bey doesn’t deserve all of the attention and fame she gets, they will probably threaten your life – or at least give you a seriously compelling argument on why she’s the best thing to happen to Hollywood since the beginning of time.

So it’s no surprise that there are some Beyonce items out there on the interwebs that are pretty crazy… on Etsy in particular. And I have no doubt in my mind that people are actually buying this stuff.  I love me some Beyonce, but I am definitely not as big of a fan as most people I know, so this stuff really blows my mind. Still, I can’t ignore Queen Bey’s birthday. She is truly a fabulous role model, and her live performances make me very happy. Here are 15 of the weirdest, craziest Beyonce items you can buy on Etsy, in honor of her birthday today.


1. Beyonce and Jay Z On The Run Comforter

Well.. if you have these two on your comforter, you must really love them.


2. Beyonce Devotional Candle

So… this is Beyonce as a saint.


3. Beyonce Barbie Earrings

These are earrings made with decapitated Beyonce Barbie heads. So, they’re creepy.


4. Beyonce With Antlers print

Because obviously you need a print of Beyonce with antlers.


5. I Wanna Beyonce Beanie

Um… kay.


6. Beyhanna T-Shirt

But… that’s just Rihanna.


7. Our Lady Beyonce Print

Here is Beyonce as the Virgin Mary… and Drake Blue Ivy as Baby Jesus?


8. Beyonce Watercolor Shirt

So… something feels off here. Like maybe her skin color?


9. Yonce Wall Hanging

Here is a lovely embroidery for your grandma.


10. Beyonce Hoop

This feels vaguely stalkerish…


11. PicMallows

These are giant marshmallows that say Beyonce. I mean, I’d eat them.


12. Beyonce Mouse Ears

In case you wanted Beyonce mouse ears, they exist.


13. Saint Beyonce Candle



14. Beyonce Bow 

If you wanted Beyonce in your hair…


15. Jelly Knife

This… okay, this is actually amazing.


Which of these Beyonce items do you think is the most ridiculous? Which would you actually buy? Tell me in the comments!

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  • tara

    I am not a fan of her whatsoever but…. I would love to have that jelly knife! Only for the saying of course.

  • Lissa

    No. 2 is actually Beyoncé as Virgin Mary too… and I find it pretty damn offensive. Just sayin’