10 Thoughts You’ll Have If You Cheat On Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

I’ve never actually cheated on someone I exclusively in a relationship with. I was sort of dating someone unofficially and backslid with my ex, but since I wasn’t really with the other person I don’t consider it cheating. It’s a gray area. That said, I have been cheated on by my high school boyfriend. He pretty much cheated on me throughout our entire relationship, which was generally a terrible mess.

I’ve also unknowingly been the other woman. That’s no cakewalk either especially since I literally had no idea and was under the impression this guy was not with his girlfriend anymore. But he was a lying liar, and I haven’t talked to him since. Cheating sucks no matter what, and I wish people would just stop doing it. However, it does happen. Regardless of the reason, here are 10 thoughts you’ll have (at least if you feel badly about it):

1. OMG! What did I just do?

Oh no.

2. I effed up.

Like, really, really messed up.

3. This is really bad.


4. This is NEVER happening again.

No. Never.

5. Should I tell my boyfriend/girlfriend?

I mean, it’s the right thing to do…

6. What if we break up?

I cannot.

7. If I don’t tell them, they might find out.

I have guilt written all over me.

8. I am the worst.

Seriously, I hate myself right now.

9. Okay, I have to suck it up and be honest.

I messed up so I need to own up.

10. Whatever happens, happens.

Jesus take the wheel? IDK. Help.

Have you ever cheated? What happened? What thoughts did you have? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Tweir

    I dont want him to cheat but i would not leave him if he did i think i would just stop having sex with him

  • Tweir

    I should not have put him through that and i wont again but i was getting asked over and over by the boyfriend i have now , are you cheating are you cheating and i was not then i got so sick of him asking i did it just so i could tell him adout it and may be them he would finally shut up that sucked cuz now i cant say i have never cheated on him but on the plus side it did shut him up though he has not left me eather, i dont cheat any more but im all ways thinking that he is sneeking around but really i dont care if he was but i kinda do ?

  • Tweir

    I cheated on my first boyfriend and told him about it and he said that i should break up with him before if i ever was going to do it again but them i tried that and he did not want to brake up, so i did it again just so he would brake up with me then he did and two days later sent all his friends to try to get me back with him i told him the truth and he never wanted to brake up cuz he loved me no matter what i did we are still friends today its been 15 years since then

  • rrr

    So you don’t respect your BF, do you?

  • Lindsey

    Soooo true!!!!! I cheated on my BF this summer at a FFA event. I felt soooo horrible, but I never told him about it.