10 Problems Only Virgins Understand

I’m a virgin, but I’m not waiting for the love of my life to lose it. I’m just, you know, looking forward to doing it with a guy who doesn’t totally suck. But it’s pretty hard to deal with all of the ridiculous stereotypes that virgins have to deal with, especially when you’re a virgin post-high school or college. It’s like everyone either thinks you’re on your way to becoming a nun or you’re super socially inept. Shocker: Neither is true!

I’ve already talked about things virgins are sick of hearing, but there are other scenarios that we have to suffer through as well. Here are 10 problems that only virgins understand.


1. When you tell someone you’re interested in that you’re a virgin and they freak the hell out.

dion scared

2. Understanding that if you disclose your virginity to someone that they might assume you’re going to be super clingy if you have sex with them.


3. You’re listening to your friends talk about all their wild sexcapades and you’re sitting there like…

heathers winona emotional

4. Wondering how to respond when people are shocked at your v-card status. (Are you surprised that I’m not having sex, like, all the time?)

kristen wigg shock snl

5. You’ve spent so much time psyching up sex in your head that you’re a little scared to actually doing it.

nervous that's so raven

6. Your gynocologist/doctor is skeptical whenever you tell them that you haven’t had sex yet.

evan rachel wood sunglasses skeptical

No, I’m not just too embarrassed to tell you…I seriously haven’t had sex yet.

7. Whenever you’re given free condoms you’re like, “Haha, I wish.”

condoms the simpsons

8. People always assume that just because you haven’t had sex yet that you’re a massive prude.

fake gasp lisa bonet

9. Your friends give you sex and relationship advice when you’re not even asking for any.

beavis and butthead shut up

10. Be honest, there are moments where you’re pretty sure that you’re never going to have sex because it’s been so long. It’s like you’re off to the nunnery.


But it’s going to happen…it will. It will!


Are you also a virgin who has to deal with a lot of stupid assumptions?  What’s the most annoying thing about being a virgin? Tell us in the comments!

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  • LissaWills2

    I’ve been a virgin for 18 years. Everyone is always saying i’m going to be a nun. I don’t know why concidering they all know that isn’t my faith.
    I have yet to have a boyfriend that freaked out about my virginity (Since i virgin hunt myself cause i want to be with a guy with the same moral values as me) and when i say i don’t want to have sex before marridge they automatically assume that means i’m “old fashioned” and it’s like ‘No I just don’t want to regret my first time for the rest of my life mike many of my friends and family members do’
    It’s annoying as fawk.

  • Katie Von Vanity

    Everybody in my school thinks I’m either a total slut or that I’ve never done anything because I’m unpopular, but I have untrue rumors going on about me a lot. :/ I don’t really care though because I’ve only done a few things anyway. ^^”

  • madam0310

    19 virgin don’t really care about the sexcapdes of others or their vcard status… doesn’t change the person and doesn’t make you better or worse.

  • Jasmine Nash

    I’m 20 and I’m a virgin. I want to have sex because I feel left out because some of my friends are having sex but I have realized that that doesn’t matter. I’m going to wait until THE RIGHT GUY comes around. I don’t want to just throw myself at some guy. I want it to be special.

  • Imperius Malekith

    that last photo was great. I think being a virgin is like being gay, no problem with it and none of anybody else’s business.

  • Hellen

    Am 24 and am stil a virgin I dont have guy yet but I reli want a guy who wil be able to wait for me til we both marry

  • Cadence Wallace

    Yeah my best friend has been married 35 years, had sex with five men before marriage and the guy she married was a one night stand. She’s been a something of a mentor, I can ask her stuff so that’s great. She said you’re only cheap if you go after another woman’s man or if you give it away to sleezy nasty guys.

  • James Davis

    Nothing wrong with wanting to wait. Good for you for not giving in or being swayed.

  • Death

    I’m 15 i hav no fukin idea how i ended up on ths werd website

  • Secret

    Well my friends are like me so no problems there! XD

  • this was straight truth! Like all my friends have asked me this question at one point in time, and I’m like “uh…no. yeah, no.”

    no lie: I think I really am scared to have sex, like in no way is ripping through my body pleasurable. ” For you maybe, but not me. This is not fifty shades of grey. Please, can we just watch a movie?”

  • meme

    guys are always so scared because they think I am more emotional and fragile. just because I’m giving some random dick the ticket to the fair doesn’t mean I’ll be butter in your hands. also, they kind of think i’m very gullible and need a man asap

  • cera

    lm 18 & virgin and lm proud of it..
    my future husband wil only have it.
    Its important so we’ll be respect n0t a cheap!

  • Bryson

    8. is DEFINITELY true. People will automatically think you’re just trying to be a “goody 2 shoes” and automatically assume you’re bashing anyone who’s not a virgin when you try to explain the importance of virginity from your perspective.

  • Poemi

    I’m a 17 year old virgin and I can’t relate to any of these.

    • Rio


  • Gabby

    Yup, totally relatable to all this, plus one extra:

    A lot of my friends pretty much keep saying to me “Do it, just do it. You’re gonna do it SOMETIME, might as well get it over with.”

  • Mary

    i go through these things. i have never been to the gynecologist and i see no point in going if i dont have any problems and i am a virgin. I feel bad about being a virgin. I think you are thought of less cool or a lower status if you are a virgin, i just havent met any guys yet, thats not something i can controll.

  • Nastenka

    I can relate to every single one of these! It’s kind of sad, actually.