10 Facts You Need To Know About Your Vagina

So, this is a little disturbing: a recent survey found that nearly half of the young women in the U.K. don’t know where their vagina is. I know – at first glance, that sentence sounds insane. It’s not that girls think their vagina is located in, like, their elbow or something… it’s that they’re confused about the female anatomy in general. Basically, they don’t know where everything is down there. They were shown a diagram and were asked to locate the womb, cervix, ovaries, vagina, and vulva… and only half were able to accurately identify the vagina.

Oof. I’m sure statistics like this one aren’t for U.K. women alone. Considering the fact that the vagina is a pretty big deal for any woman, don’t you think we should all be able to actually identify it?! Of course we should! I don’t know whether this goes back to poor sex education classes, a lack of interest, embarrassment, or simply forgetfulness, but either way, it needs to change.

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We should all know where our vagina is located! And speaking of our down there area, we should also know some other stuff about it as well. Stuff that you should have been taught in school, but… well, it’s entirely possible that that never happened. Here are 10 facts you absolutely need to know about your vagina.

Do you know where your vagina is located? Which of these facts did you never know? What else do you want to know about your vagina? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Gloria

    In a week while having sex wth my boifrnd in a dogstyle position my vagina farted and dat really irritated me. I jst wnt to knw whethr t z normal o thrs sumthng wrng wth m please reply

    • sou

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with you

  • Foreverawesome

    I still don’t know 100% where mine is… It’s kinda embarrassing. (Just so you know, on a diagram I can find it, in real life not so much. I have no idea how to put a tampon in, but you can’t really ask anyone.)

    • mermaidoverlord

      putting a tampon in is very confusing. but it is something that if you want to know, it can be learned. it may be a little gross and messy. start when youre not on your period. take a mirror and look down there. it may be a little weird, but trust me it helps. the hole closest to the bottom is your vagina. thats where the blood comes out ofc. do this as often as you need to until you can find it without the mirror. then, when youre on your period, take a tampon, and i suggest using one with an applicator (the little plastic thing covering it), gently slide the applicator into your vagina until your fingers touch your body. then release the tampon from the applicator. be sure to be very careful when using tampons, and replace them every 3-6 hours or more if neccessary.

  • Emma

    Not my last cycle, but the one before that, so about a month an a half ago, I inserted my tampon and went about my day. Later, I went to put in another and couldn’t find the one from before and I was at that point where I was uncontrollably bleeding, so I knew that if I had not put one in, I would have bled through my pants. I couldn’t find it after fishing around with a mirror and everything and I decided to tell my mom. She said I was being ridiculous so I just put in another and went along with my day. So for the next month, I had a disgusting, fishy, and almost nauseating smell coming from down there. My mom and I decided it was my discharge and tried everything from medicine, to wipes, and she even brought up the idea of douching. No matter what, the smell did NOT go away. A few days before my last cycle, I sat down on the toilet to do, well, let’s just say that I didn’t just pee, and all of a sudden, I felt a string of some sort fall out and when I pushed again, a tampon fell out. I HAD A TAMPON IN ME FOR A MONTH!! I was shocked and as soon as I could, I ran to my mother, practically screaming. She said I was very lucky because I could have easily gone into some sort of shock. Within a few days, the smell went away, I got my next period, and I even started to start feeling a lot cleaner. Moral of the story, NEVER STOP LOOKING FOR THAT LOST TAMPON!

  • Pixie

    Freckles are normal too! My mom tried to convince me they were dangerous. But they’re normal, I have over 15.