15 College Life Tips No One Else Tells You

If you’re about to enter college or just did, I’m sure you’ve heard all the usual advice: don’t buy your books in the bookstore! Get a meal plan or bring your own food so you save money! Rate your professors before picking classes! Actually go to class! Take advantage of office hours! And while that is all well and good, that advice gets old fast, and you’re still left wondering how to survive your college years without self-destructing.

That’s where this Reddit thread comes in. The great thing about Reddit is that the users will talk about literally anything, so you know their advice is good – they’ll tell you the stuff that no one else will. Here are 15 college life tips you need to know now:

Which of these tips did you think was the most helpful? Which do you disagree with? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Jillian

    I agree with every single one of these tips. You learn quickly in your first year, and into your second year. I especially am for the one of “don’t go home every weekend.” College is the time of your life, where you learn to stand on your own two feet and be an adult while you still have a safety net under you. In my freshman year, I didn’t go home until Thanksgiving, and doing that helped me a great deal. I made wonderful friends and I adjusted very nicely. I was comfortable in my dorm room.

    The same for not forcing a friendship on your roommate. My first roommate, the one I was assigned to the first half of freshman year, was a nursing major (I’m an English major), she was always out of the room, and went home every weekend. We got along fine, not stepping on each other toes. On weekends, I had the room to myself, which I was perfectly happy with. We were not besties by any means, but we were good roommates. I got lucky in that department, after hearing all the horror stories my some of friends had for roommates.

    Another thing, I felt so relieved when I dropped a class first semester sophomore year. I was taking 19 credits (max is 18), I was a TA, and I had just gotten a second job at the school library. Plus, the class I dropped, was more of an elective for my English major, not a core requirement class, and I could easily replace it with something else later, and I did not like how the professor structured it, AND the timing was bad with my work schedule. It was a burden I did not need.

    I liked my freshman year RA and I loved my sophomore year RA (who also happened to be friends with my crush, and he visited a lot hehehe). I haven’t had a problem (yet) with using powder detergent, but it’s certainly a good idea. Lugging around a laptop on a campus built on hills was not fun–I only brought it when I had to. Paper and pen goes a long way and much lighter. And I’ve met some cool people in my classes, and I maintained friendships with my students after the semester was over.