10 Thoughts You’ll Have When You Find Out You Have Class With Your Crush

Being in school with your crush is kind of a big deal. You probably pine over them through your locker slats and try to run into them on the way to English. Having a class with a crush is an even bigger deal.

You’re in a small space with them for almost an hour every day! It’s a prime opportunity to “study” together and ask for notes. There are so many possibilities and ways you can get to know your crush if you have class with them. It’s also extremely nerve-wracking. If you notice that you have class with your crush, you’ll have these 10 thoughts:

1. Oh em gee.


2. Note to self: sit next to them next time.

I have to strategically plan this.

3. I’m totally not going to pay attention in this class.


4. I should “accidentally” lose my notes…

Then I can borrow theirs!

5. Maybe they need help with this class. That’s my in!

Yes, this is a good move.

6. Or I can plan a study group that no one else shows up to…


7. I hope I don’t embarrass myself by answering something wrong.


8. I can’t even think straight.

They got a haircut OMG.

9. What if we get partnered up for a group project?

Basically, we’re getting married post-Powerpoint.

10. I might fail this class. I cannot concentrate.


Do you have class with your crush? Have you ever had class with a crush before? What thoughts did you have? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Leslie

    Yeah, my crush had to move to India for two years, and he’s only been gone about two months. Gr. *imaginary tear*

  • Jillian

    I’ve had this happen to me…twice. First, he sat next to me in history class second semester freshman year and I passed the class. First semester sophomore year, we were in science class together, he sat behind me, and we did work on a group project together with two other people. And I passed science with a C.

    Now, I don’t see him everyday. And he has a girlfriend of almost two years. Fate gave up on me.