Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Boners: 8 Questions Answered

Yep, you read correctly: this is a full post about boners. If you are afraid of the word boner or can’t read the word without laughing, then I suggest you stop reading now because I am going to use it a lot. I remember my first experience with a boner. It was gym class during 6th grade, and one of my fellow students had one. I couldn’t stop staring at it. SO many questions amassed in my head. “What is that?” “Why is that happening?” “Does he know what is happening right now?” I knew what is was on some level, but it was still a very confusing time for me. It took a long talk with my best friend before I could grasp the concept of a boner.

If you’ve ever wondered about boners, like what they are, why guys get them, and anything else related to a guy’s penis, then you have come to the right place. I’m going to answer some questions that readers have submitted to us. Some of these questions might seem funny, but some girls really have no idea what an erection is! So here they are, the top 8 questions about boners. 

What Is A Boner?

A boner is a slang would for an erection. An erection is when blood flow to the penis increases and the penis grows and becomes hard.

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What Does A Boner Feel Like?

The feeling is different for every guy. But, most guys describe it as a pleasurable feeling where he becomes really aware of his penis. It really depends on the situation when a guy gets a boner. Sometimes he wants a boner, other times not so much...

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Why Do Guys Get Boners Sometimes And Not Other Times?

Boners are usually caused by physical or mental stimulation. If a guy sees something that he is attracted to in a sexual way this can cause a boner. Also, many guys can get boners by simply thinking about any sexual situation. Also, the weather. I know weird, right?

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Can Guys Control When They Get A Boner?

When guys first hit puberty controlling their boners can become pretty hard. They have just as many hormones raging through their bodies as we do. So the slightest thing can give a guy a boner. The wind blowing a certain way. A subtle touch. Seeing a person they are attracted to. Really anything! As guys get older they can control their boners better because they recognize the signs that they are about to get one. But, even older guys still say they get boners sometimes for no reason.

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What Is Morning Wood?

This is a slang term for having an erection in the morning. Most guys become aroused in their sleep multiple times a night without knowing. Sometimes the erection will still be there when they wake up. Thus causing them to be hard in the morning.

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Do Girls Get Lady Boners?

In the physical sense, no, girls do not become hard like guys do. But, our equivalent of a boner is when our labia and clitoris become swollen and more sensitive and we produce natural lubrication.

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If A Guy Gets A Boner When We Make Out, Does This Mean That He Likes Me?

Again, every guy is different. Sometimes guys will get really caught up in a makeout session and gets excited, giving him a boner. He could really genuinely like you, thus producing his boner, or he could just be physically stimulated by the makeout session. The best way to find out? Ask him!

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Does A Guy Have To Find Release For His Boner To Go Away? Is This Blue Balls?

In short answer, no, a guy does not have to release for his boner to go away. You can ask any guy, sometimes they get boners when they are not physically or mentally stimulated and it can be really embarrassing. Usually, a boner will go away on its own in a couple minutes by a guy doing different tricks to calm his body down. Blue balls are a term that guys use when they are sexually stimulated and then denied release. Don't let a guy guilt trip you into going farther than you want to by complaining that he is in pain, or you have to finish him off. It is more of an annoyance than actual pain. He will be just fine.

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Do you have any more questions about boners? Heard any rumors about boners that you want to talk about? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Thespis

    Don’t ever be manipulated or guilt tripped into doing more than you want to with a guy. However, do be careful about over stimulation. “Blue balls” is more than an annoyance, but it only happens when the guy has been hard a long time without release. If his erection has not been going for long time, it will go away with no pain, but if he has been erect for a long time, it can be extremely painful.

  • Sean G.

    Blue balls are an actual thing, and it actually is like being kicked in the crotch all day. It takes me a long time (usually about an hour) to orgasm (I don’t have very sensitive skin). There have been a number of times where I don’t finish, and will just be in pain.

    That said, no one should ever guilt trip someone into sex, or use them for sex, money, or any desire which isn’t mutually beneficial.

  • Daisuke

    blue ball do hurt, but it doesn’t happen as easy as you think .if its hard for more than an hour without it going down. the pain can last for an entire day. so dont go playing with him letting him think that your going to go all the way if your not. blue ball happen because of a mind set if he is convinced that your going to do it and them you deny him. and it hurts worst than a kick to the balls

  • mandie

    why cant i give my boyfriend a boner? ive had experience with previous boyfriends so i know that im not doing anything wrong. is it my fault or his? help:(

    • EmmaBobenna

      It might be that he gets too nervous when you start going down on him. Use your hand(s) for a bit while you make out and then go down.

  • mandie

    My boyfriend gets boners as we makeout but then as im going down on him, he loses his boner by the time i get down there and i cant do anything to get it back up! ive had previous experience with hooking up so i know what im doing but now im losing my confidence cause i cant give him a boner!! can someone help 🙁

    • Anonymous

      It is possible that he does not like blowjobs that much. for me, I find them gross and they are not a turn on, so it would make sense.

    • Wolfy Scratch

      Ok, this comment was a LONG time ago, but i feel this really needs an answer for any other girl sharing this question or any guy with this problem, as it happens a lot. Well first up I’ll share a personal experience on the matter from a guys point of view, when my girlfriend first wanted to give me a blowjob i got pretty nervous and lost my boner, It turned out that when a guy thinks too hard about getting a boner or focuses too much on the act it becomes harder and harder for him. The same goes for an orgasm. If it seems to you that he’s never going to finish then just get him to relax a bit and let his mind wander.

      It’s not your fault, or even his fault. He is just focusing too much on keeping his boner and is becoming nervous, causing him to lose it.

  • ellen

    How big can a penis get. How big can a girl take?

    • Alei

      The average size of a penis is 6 inches, and a woman can take quite a large penis. Remember, woman are designed to push out a rather large baby during childbirth.