20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Sorority Girl

Deciding whether or not to join a sorority is a pretty big decision and isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s a big commitment but being in one is super fun. The bond of sisterhood is really special, and I made my closest friends in my house.

Although Greek life and sororities are different at every school, every sorority girl knows the basic truths of being in a house. If you’re in a sorority, you’ll definitely understand these 20 things:

1. Recruitment is absolutely exhausting.

I’ve memorized more rushee names than I ever imagined…

2. But also OMG NEW BABIES!


3. You still hold a grudge against that girl who was supposed to pledge your house but didn’t.

I can’t even talk about it.

4. Your letters are sacred.

Holy, even.

5. You get really annoyed when someone asks about ritual or your secret handshake.

Can you not?

6. Your Little and Big are EVERYTHING.

Your family within your sisterhood is a big deal.

7. When you hear your stereotype about your sorority you’re just like:

What and ever.

8. You’ve mastered crafting.

From making things for your Little to monogramming everything you own, you’ve basically become Martha Stewart.

9. You have more products with your mascot than you know what to do with.

I have pandas EVERYWHERE.

10. You have an entire section of your closet dedicated to costumes.

Theme parties!

11. You also have more t-shirts than you know what to do with.

Do you need to get a shirt for every event? Yes.

12. Your closet expands times a million if you live in the house.

Sharing is caring! But you better return that washed and folded.

13. Chapter meetings.


14. You have a secret acronym that you and your sisters use.


16. You and your sisters know how to have a good time.


17. But sometimes there’s nothing better than staying in with them too.

Movie nights are the best nights.

18. You don’t get along with every girl in the house, but you’re all there for each other.

I got you, girl.

19. When you meet your soul sister it’s like this:


20. No one can understand your sisterhood like your sisters can.

It’s a bond for life.
Are you in a sorority? What else would you add? Tell us in the comments!
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